24 hours Gabriely Koukalová. Food that was not, even a prank as a psychologist

Saturday, 15.36. He is at the finish of the sprint and falls to the snow. “Once again, she is so busy that she does not even know about her,” says her husband Petr Koukal.

“I would not want to be two meters,” says Gabriela Koukalová. But he shakes quickly. At the press conference, he was humorous again. On Friday, with the men’s press, Emil Hegle Svendsen left a large stack of empty blister packs on the table, Martin Fourcade shot them and added to Instagram: “When SuperSvendsen leaves the press conference.”

Koukal, also a lover of sweets, is surprised: “Emil has lost weight since last year. Yeah, but when you’re doing so much in the race on the track, you have to take some energy. ”

No stick in his pockets, moment…it does not. “But during the day I feel so much that I have no more thoughts about the races around the races.”

The hour lasts for her festive and media duties. Finally, he can go out on the skis, swallow lactic acid from his muscles. For thirty minutes she tries to be alone, only with her mind. But what happens when someone waves about it? He is a social creature, so he plays this game and gives away smiles.

Returning to the stadium, Coach Coach shoots a pre-arranged video. Before the fifth, he goes to the local Family Club, where food is to be prepared for the racers. But there is no more. And we’re closing in five, dear.No, nothing.

With their husband they refuse to take the Alpengasthof Laubau, where the Czech team lives, and walk two kilometers by foot, walking through the forest. “Another type of movement makes me feel more fatigued.”

There is a time to regenerate. Every day he chooses two options: a masseuse by Petr Sedláčková or a physiotherapist Roman Karpíšek.

“Karpich is a body raiser. You really hurt his grief, “he says.

“That’s speech, I’m gentle on them,” he laughs.

When Koukal’s neck is blocked, his hands are spellbound. This time, however, Sedláčková takes precedence, while Karpíšek acts in the room as a psychologist, dissecting with a biathlete in the state of mind’s massage.

Preceded?Good sign

There is a table at the hotel where the housewife did not write the specialties of the kitchen, but two Czech words: “Hearty welcome.”

He also tried the first day when Rybář’s team arrived from Oberhof. At that time, the hoteliers received a lunch menu in the Czech language: “Chicken soup.”

When they ate and another twenty minutes did not happen, Koukalová went to say, “We wait for the second run.” >

“You would like a second meal?”

“Of course.”

She tried to convince them, but she did not succeed. They only offered her, “Do you want a dessert?Cappuccino? “Eva Puskarcikova had the pleasure of having her mother’s home made from her mother’s pork in her own juice.

On Saturday night, Koukalová organizes the main course of potato pancakes. “In fact, he’s a fish, he’s a fish,” he says.

He often has no problem with slices or fried cheese, he loves it. “The body is clever enough to choose what it needs,” he says. “A good mood from a little unhealthy meal gives you far more than something healthy that disgusts you.”

For every occasion, the chips have been set aside before falling asleep.

“I passed,” reports now after dinner.

“That’s normal.And it’s a good sign, “says Koukal.

They will sit down with the Fisherman for a while, and they will break the race. “I like what kind of work you have done in the technique of running this year,” says the chief designer.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the organizing committee driver is here to take her to the ceremony of a sprint on the Ruhpolding Square. “It would only be announced in the stadium, is it?”

The strategy is therefore simple: Koukalová comes out of the hotel for up to 10 minutes before the announcement so she does not waste the ceremony waiting. What makes the driver feel somewhat nervous, the purpose is the means.

After the ceremony, her husband will sit at the hotel before going to his hotel.Koukala’s coach Zdeněk Vítek will be overtaken by the team because she did not get a team meeting due to the announcement. She briefly reminds her about her basic information on Sunday. What kind of weather is going to be when they leave when they leave the hotel. “The rest of the rituals already have Gabča,” he says.

He is sleeping without difficulty at half past eleven, no furious play of emotions as he does at other times in his head. Night is stretching. Only a quarter to ten will wake her up. “She had to get tired,” Koukal says.

His wife is having a rich breakfast, a quarter of an hour training, about half an hour to run around the hotel.He returns, turns on the hotel on TV, and sees Michal Krčmář as he runs the last round of a fighter for a sensational third.

“Yeah, it’s there,” he screams when Krčmář crosses the target. Later, he says, “I was a bastard screaming in the empty room. But that patriotism woke me up, I could not help. ”

He does not even know to make it as easy as possible on the track. At 13.05 Czechs are leaving for the stadium. For ten minutes, they test the skis, each of the two final pairs they receive from the servicemen.A 45 minute shot follows. ”

” You are a little lower, click on “, invites Vitek to adjust the sights.

Petra Sedláčková quickly paces Koukal’s muscles and goes to the start. The camera takes a close look at her. “It’s amazing how he can handle everything. The pressure on it is huge, “says Jiri Hamza, the head of the union. The bells ring, the timekeeper loudly ticks, the fans count down: “Vier, drei, two, eins.” Start.

The winner of Sprint Kaisa Mäkäräinen. “And now Gabriela Kukalova. We are waiting for a woman in yellow, “says the announcer at the stadium. Her surname has not been taught properly yet.

She is going to be on the track for 22 seconds after Mäkäräinen.

LOCATION HERE.Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding before the 20,000 spectators arrived.

Finka will race the whole race in his own league. The fourth Marie Dorin-Habert soon falls on the downhill run. But looking at Koukal Hamza says: “Gábina is slipping.”

Once again, Koukalová tries to hit the track of a woman on the track. “But my distinctive reflex was so weak that the only trace I’ve ever caught was maybe in the congress,” he will tell later.

At the opening luncheon, she and Laura Dahlmeier nearly simultaneously pass two times! A little helplessly throws his eye on Vítkov. “Three wounds centered, but two down at nine o’clock, torn,” says the coach into the radio.

It’s a test of psychological resistance.Will it?

So this was not a good start. Concentrate, excuse.

A quartet of giants, Wiererová, Koukalová, Dahlmeierová, Dorinová-Habertová, descends far behind the white and unstoppable Finnish expression. “That’s a flush,” says Hamza.

The Czech in yellow is going to the end of this train and she likes: Laura and Marie are going sensible, slower pace, at least I will take a little respite after them.

On the third item, the first standing, as the only one does not fire out and suddenly has the second place quiet. He just does not know. He goes 500 meters behind the shotgun, does not want to look back and thinks: Are they behind me?

FILM FESTIVAL.Koukalová in front of Dahlmeier (on the left), on the floor with German and Francis Dorin-Habert (in the middle) and the isolated Finnish express Mäkäräinen in her own dimension (right)

No overlook, no information. > Then she tells her: It’s good, you are alone.

The Mäkäräinen will continue on the Kaisa show, throw the last leg up, and even two kilometers to the finish, the announcer announces: “Congratulations to Kaise Mäkäräinen the second triumph in a row. ”

” And now he can go out in the last round, “says Hamza.

Even Koukalová is on the stand. Now keep your cool head.I’m headed for the girls behind me, they’ll try to speed up their shooting to jump over me, so they can mess up, hurry up and make mistakes, soothe themselves.

“Yeah! Excellent item, lager “exclaims Vítek. Dorin and Dahlmeier, on the other hand, do not hit one target.

“There is a hole, you have thirty seconds for the others,” coach Málek, Ligaun and Holubec call on the track. But I stiffen, my feet hurt and my hands are lying, examining my own body. They could still get me…

Not by chance. All of this is full of teeth. A second moves Mäkäräinen on the second, waving to the tribunes at the target. “Still, there was no need to finish, because the idea of going to the floor to the finish was unrealistic. It was enough at will, “he explains.She turns to her husband, gets her kiss. Congratulations to the sixth and once again great Eva Puskarčíková.

Dominik Mäkäräinen and Yellow Koukal at the finish.

In an interview for the goal, Koukalová pauses for a moment and stops telling. “I’m sorry, I’m really very tired,” Get out of it.

Yet the successes fatigue quickly repel.

On the podium gets two-liter bottle of champagne, as before Michal Krcmar . “Maybe one bottle will be enough for our team, but we have to break it,” says Koukal. “You will not, you will not win. And if you do not hit these results, it would be blasphemy. ”

When the print maker looks at the winner of the day and jokes:” Did she see Kaisa today?I did not see the whole race. ”

Vítek praises. Actually no. “I’m already having words to gavin to say goodbye.”

The fabulous yellow ride continues.