Budějovice and Táborsko depicts the spring. The first matches are already sorted out

The first preparation match is over. And they started by defeat. The footballers of Dynamo in the Czech Republic were not in the German Regensburg for the three-legged SSV Jahn. Czech captain Petr Benat opened the score Monday in the 9th minute, but the unsuccessful passage after the hour of the game, when they gave home two quick goals in a row, was the match for Budějovice.The Germans won 4: 2.

Coach David Horejš did not travel with his team to Germany. “I’m studying a professional coach in Prague, but what I got from George Lerch’s assistant is a great match, but we’ve made a number of individual mistakes,” Horejš said.

Banovic, the attacker Lukáš Matějka and for the first time in the A-team to the goal, the strakonický odchovec with experience from the English league Jindřich Staněk. On the contrary, Dynamo tests ended Šimon Šmehýl and Lukáš Luptak.

“Šmehýl did not even go with the team to Germany, and Luptak we sent home because he was not ready. We still need to add Manchaft.Now we will wait for the league teams to be strengthened and the players remain free for us, “said Horejš, saying that at the end of January, his team will be staying in Trebon. “There we would like to have a cadre that will be close to the set in the spring,” the coach drew near the closest plans in the fourth quarter of Budějovice.

Tábor has come to power

Another South Bohemian team in the second league has already had two preliminary duels. The first match under the old coach Roman Nádvorník won Táborský over league Příbram 2: 0. On the artificial grass of Vyšehrad, Táborsko played another match within the Tipsport League even yesterday.In front of the television cameras Jihočeš lost with Bohemians 1905 close 2: 3.

Tábor after the first half led 2: 1, but in the second half of the Prague game they turned two goals. “We had a demanding week, in which I ran a lot and helped a lot. This was reflected in the second half, when our players were already in power, and Bohemka showed their quality, “Roman Nádvorník told reporters. “Very good performance has been given by Mrsic or Zavadil on the backboard.I hope that some of the newcomers will show their quality and stay with us in the spring part, “added the coach.

Currently, Taborsko is in 12th place and in the spring part will definitely want to climb higher in the table. “We want to play offensive football, send a lot of centers on the sides to the lime and at the final stage have at the gate five to six people,” Nádvorník suggested his strategy.