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Coach Slavie Shilhavy does not see Sparta’s worse attitude as an advantage

The new coach of the famous players Jaroslav Šilhavý on Sunday will experience the first derby with Sparta as the main coach. Although Letenští are currently troubled and only two draws after three games in the three matches, he does not consider it an advantage. On the other hand, Sparta is a slight favorite because

Liberec is going to Greek fans, creating a fanzine for them

Extensive security measures are being prepared by the police, in cooperation with Liberec and the city, for a European League match in which Slovan will fight against PAOK Thessaloniki next Thursday. Up to 2000 Greeks are expected to arrive. A new feature against previous European matches will be the creation of a safety zone for

Crossing Europe: Another impetus for Estonian football

Still in 2001, there was a serious threat that Estonia’s “too poor” Estonia would not be able to hold the next Eurovision. The government’s main television station was even initially refusing to lend the millions needed. Now Tallinn was chosen as the host city of the European super-market for the year 2018 and the big

Shocking turn. How the Pardubice hockey players overcame the first Liberec

twenty-eight quarterback Mark Trončinský that weekend came to Dynamos on loan until the end of April, he scored two goals on Sunday (the latter of which had fallen into the empty cage), twenty-six striker Jan Sykora arranged important Tref 3: 3rd Both thereby significantly contributed to the unadulterated hockey shock: recent Pardubice to Friday at

Koukalová and Moravce finished in a sprint of sixs, winning the Austrians

Still, they managed to improve the best of the best Czech placement in this discipline, which was the 13th place of the duo Eva Puskarčíková – Michal Krčmář. Moravec went through the goal with a loss of 51 seconds. “Everything should try. We wanted to finally break with Gaba and Ondra our bad luck in

Basketball players USK sucked Nymbursk leader, Děčín succeeded in prolongation

Basketball players continue to fight for the NBL play-off. At the A2 Svitavy team’s lead, 82:80 won the third prize. Tuurs, on the contrary, suffered the first defeat after a series of six victories. In the dramatic conclusion of the match in Svitavy, home Pavel Slezák dropped down to seven seconds before the end of

Best Slalom Fear in the Season, California came second

She waited for her next slalom show for three weeks. Last time Czech representative Šárka Strachová presented at the world championship in Swietokrzyskie, Switzerland. At that time she made a breathtaking ride, which brought her from the ninth bar to the fifth position. The result of the World Championship was awakened by Strachova. Before flying

Jagr gave the winning goal, scored Krejci and celebrated the 500th in the NHL

Jagr took the third third of the work of Vincent Trocheck, who put the puck in the zone and shot from the right circle, causing confusion before the goalie Joonas Korpisal. Inside, the Czech striker was the best target, raising the lead of Florida to 4: 2 by tapping the puck into the open goal.

Does the cost of Chinese money cost? He is injured, explained his absence coach

“I’ve said the truth before the game, I’m telling her now. Diego stopped training on Tuesday because he felt the pain in his back. That’s why he was not ready to fight, “Conte explained after the match in Leicester. He did not comment on the alleged quarrel that had to happen between Costa and the

24 hours Gabriely Koukalová. Food that was not, even a prank as a psychologist

Saturday, 15.36. He is at the finish of the sprint and falls to the snow. “Once again, she is so busy that she does not even know about her,” says her husband Petr Koukal. “I would not want to be two meters,” says Gabriela Koukalová. But he shakes quickly. At the press conference, he was