Girona FC – Deportivo Alavés 2:3

Deportivo Alavés showed a giant victory in Girona and showed he was not going to make up for LaLiza’s last place. Although the home of Girona led another twenty minutes before the end of the 2: 0 match, thanks to the heroic performance of Ibaie Gomez Deportivo won 3: 2!

Later Monday’s conquest will have one clear hero. This is the Energybet experienced striker Ibai Gómez, who has not even managed to score yet, but he has finally managed to make it tonight. And it was a ride because he scored three goals in a very nervous conclusion! He decided to defeat home Girona, who managed the match in the first hour, but eventually neither Stuani’s goal with Juanpe was enough.

From the beginning, nothing at all suggested that Girona should have gone without points. She was much more active, more often holding the ball on the hockey, and the last Deportivo Alavés was not very active forward. On the contrary, it was a lot of inaccuracies Energybet bonus and no idea. Medran searched Gomez’s penetration pass and found him, but the home turned away the ball at the last moment in the lock.

Perhaps after thirty minutes we had the first interesting chance of the game, because Stuani came to the right, but his head farther away from the pole! Otherwise, the first half was a show of inaccuracies and defeat. After 45 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes. Borja García received a nice pass from the left side of the field easily, Energybet making the score 0 – 1. The second half was much more interesting.

They first came home. The attacker, Cristhian Stuani, showed great technique when he threw Alexis to the lime, where he pulled goalkeeper Pacheca 1-0.

A minute later, despite the big protests of the fans, Maripan’s hand did not spill, which was perhaps a turning point. A minute later the second goal of Girona was added by Juanpe, who pulled away from both Mariphain and Alexis and did not give Pacheco a Energybet chance – 2: 0. At that moment, there was nothing to indicate that something had changed.

Twenty minutes before the end, Pedraza got to the ground and just after a minute he found the beautiful passport of Ibaie Gomez. His first missile still grabbed Bounou but was short. And that was not all. Goalkeeper Bounou, in the end, fouled Pedraza again in the lime and Gómez again – 2: 2!

Suddenly, he showed that he would set three minutes, which was a clear sign for Depor that he still had enough time. Suddenly he was full and the Girona players did not Energybet crawl. When the third set minute was played, Munir was bounced behind the bull and he kept the ball excellent. Then he shifted him on the edge of the offshoot to Ibaie Gomez, and with the hattrick he ended the incredible turn!