Great derby for the US Open title. But the tennis queen will be different again

In addition to these two, few know just whether these words are true. “He’s one of the closest tennis players on the circuit for me. Which will be tough – it’s always difficult to play against a friend, “Sloane Stephens of America said about her countryman Madison Keys. About a competitor, a rival and a soloist in the US Open final, which turned into a ready-made US championship.

All four semi-finalists had an American passport, Venus Williams and Coco Vandeweghe. Visitors monstrous Arthur Ashe Stadium can then enjoy another derby and finals, which starts on Saturday at 22.00.

Each of the four countries that host the Grand Slam, dreaming about a similar course.The United States has a sweet satisfaction that they have enjoyed it without resting Serena Williams. “No more questions about American tennis, please,” Cullys Stephens. “I do not see any question marks.” She was 24 years old, and she was not in New York, because she was back in the trauma with a fatigue fracture. “The body was pretty rusty,” she remembered in the first matches after the comeback. “The only thing left was the fight.”

Keys is still two years younger, and this year she was injured by her wounded wrist. A similar generation, similar stories, the same nationality. Both Grandslames have never gone so far, Stephens only managed to win Wimbledon this year and in the first round.

And that’s why it’s going to be a trophy, but not a throne.He has a Garbin Muguruza. Spaniard is copying the story of Karolina Plíšková from Wimbledon – both of them have been the world’s number one at the moment when they were grandslam from the game, but potential candidates for the role of the queen failed. Muguruza will settle down with 6,030 points on Monday, vainly attacking Simona Halep will lose 65 and Plíšková from fourth place 510.

It is the simple fact that women’s tennis lacks dominators. No one has been “uploaded”, so the WTA rankings can do much in the four most prestigious tournaments.Like when Plíšková played her second best US Open in career and one of her best grandslam at all, but even after last year’s final fell 870 points.

In a system generously rated by the titles, their regular collectors are missing . Muguruza was particularly impressed by her 2,000 points in Wimbledon triumph, and now she defended so little in New York that she had improved 170 points despite the end of the eighth round. “I will have a dream on Monday. Perhaps I will keep my head as long as possible, “wishes the girl with roots in Venezuela.

Would it be possible for her current position to get to her position?Especially the Stephens were very confident when she dropped Serena Williams in Melbourne in 2013 and came to the semifinals, but then destroyed her inconsistent performances associated with body fragility. “But I’m never giving up,” she says proudly. Keys was on the Australian Open in the semi-final two years later, scattering 6: 1, 6: 2 at home in the battle for the final of Vandeweghe. “I was not entitled,” she acknowledged the defeated.

The Americans are in the lauf, waiting for a living duel. The way to be able to dominate not only the tournament but also the ladder is long and winding.