Pilsen goes to the head of the league and runs Sparta. Zlín fell to third place

Zlin was the first since August 29, when he clearly defeated Karvina 3-0 in 5th round. The position of the leader came for thirty-two days. At home he drew with Jablonec and his pursuers did not hesitate.

There was no Sparta among them, who did not win the league for the fourth consecutive time. During the series she did not get, she won only three draw points in Zlín, Boleslav and Brno. Meanwhile she was in a derby. And coach Zdeněk Ščasný came down in Brno.

In Brno, the team was led by his assistant David Holoubek, but it did not lead to a superb performance in the European League against Inter Milan (3: 1). The Spartans made huge defensive mistakes, but they did not control the match, although they had a 2-1 lead and just before the end of 3: 2.The balancing goal was given by the offensive in the second minute (more about the Ratajová štít here).

“It is a lot sorry,” Holoubek said, waiting for the coach to continue as head coach Jindřich Trpišovský from Liberec. He will meet with Luděk Karel on Liberec on Monday.

All of this can be seen in Pilsen and Mladá Boleslav. Both teams have the same points and the same score difference. The lead is due to the number of goals scored in Pilsen, the first for the first time since the third round, or after almost two months.

“That we are at the head now, does not mean anything to us. We take care of ourselves and do not count points.We are where we belong bet online and we will continue to do so, “said Pilsner coach Roman Pivarník.

The Hradec decided in the last quarter of the first half when he rebounded to 3-0. The two goals were the head, the third were the guests themselves. The fourth, which means the first place, was scored by Krmenčík at the start of the second half.

Zlín is not the first, but the invincibility continues as the only team in the league. In addition to last year, he has finished the series without defeat for ten games.

This time he has to be happy with the draw. After Harbov’s own goal and Mikhalik’s hit, he lost with Jablonec 0: 2 in 84 minutes…But the finisher!

In the final minutes, Harba rectified his first half player when he first ran Vukadinovič’s missile from a distance and shortly afterwards he settled.

“The balancing goal was also a relief for me for the whole team. “We have lost two goals, so this result is a moral victory for me because the team has internet betting managed to reverse the course of the match,” said Zlín coach Bohumil Páník.

Mlada Boleslav, despite the fact that she was struggling against Dukla, managed to score at the end from its only direct shot at the gate. After Mares’s center headed by the substitute Klobása.

“Now we are waiting for a break, rest, a little training and then another match is waiting for us.We have to enter as if we had zero points and started the competition, “said Leoš Kalvoda, Boleslav coach.

The third victory was scored by Slavia. Although it was against Karvina, the whole match was better, but it was not long and not for a long time. Three points were secured by substitute Mešanovič. Although he is a regular player during the match but with five goals he is the best scorer of the team. By the way, Slavie is fifth, but he has a deferred duel of the 1st round in Brno for good.

Only for the second time Liberec, who defeated Teplice 2: 0 at home, won. And he stepped up the unflattering position in the table where he is the fourth from the end.

“We’ve been approaching the performances we performed last year and how the Slovan should play. He was looking at it well.It was our best performance in the league season, “said coach Jindřich Trpišovský from Liberec, who will be able to sit on the Sparta bench in the next round.

The last one remains Příbram, who lost 0: 1 to Slovácko, but still loses only point in Jihlava.

“We lost again at home, serious, “said Pribram coach Petr Rada. “The situation is very critical, we wanted to score before a break, but it did not work. The players are sitting in the cab, they have their heads down, but it’s too late. “