The last chance for the World Cup. Soccer players must win in Northern Ireland

A splendid shot from a Berlin midfielder frightened the German for a while, and if he could withstand the state, he could slightly raise the Czech team’s hopes of moving to a world championship in Russia. And to give him self-confidence: Turning around the points of the world champions, it would be a big and unexpected upset.

What to do, the Czechs will have to do without it.

: 2 is tonight in rainy Belfast awaits the match of truth against Northern Ireland.

There is no place to go.

Losing draw means the end of all hope. And sure that the football elite meeting will be the Czech Republic for less than a year to watch TV only.

To avoid the last snoop of hope, you need to win. Not only in Northern Ireland, but also in Azerbaijan and at home with San Marino.And to rely on the fact that today’s opponent will not win anymore: before the frenzied fans in Belfast against Germany or at the end in Norway.

You too will find that too many circumstances that would have played in Czech Benefit?

And add the warning that neither the second place in the group can guarantee the desired championship barrage – the worst of nine teams in the second position will drop out of the game and the doubles match for Russia

Are you aware of this, and still do you still believe that the Czechs will slip into the world championship?

Then consider counting as a foolish dreamer.

“Even though I would like to believe the end, I think the chances of approach are null,” he says on the level of Antonin Panenka, the golden penalty from the Euro 1976 final.

However, the goalie Petr Čech, who is still a clear first in the league, says: “The cards are clear, but I boast and believe.With the Germans deserving to draw, as many chances as they have not been for the last fifteen years against them. ”

From the performance they showed (except the start of the match) on Friday in Eden, the Czechs have to bounce off. And the chances were to change because the uncertainty in their ending was against them.

The championship could be a little closer if the hard-on debutant Bořil did not kick the goal too high. Or if Gebre Selassie from a promising position instead of a scrambled center tries to fire.

This is how the Czechs in Belfast are hesitant to be able to punish each opponent’s mistake. And be courageous: like Darida, when he has decided to go to a long shot that has brought a balance.

“That’s how I never did. I had beautiful feelings, a few minutes left to finish…And now the disappointment is really big, “he said after the game. And he revealed that, in the wretched time, Czechs are asking for help and supernatural powers.

“Masér Vládík Mikuláš tried to win the goal before the game,” Darid said. “Because of this, he took his black karate strap for training, saying he had never taken him out of the gym before. It is a shame that he has not brought us even more happiness. ”

There is no reliance on magic, it is necessary to break into the table and give the Northern Irish the message: We are still here!
This means, among other things, the end of a long series during which the opponent did not win the qualifying match on the home course: the last four years ago with Portugal…

The situation is very serious, but still not hopeless. Thinking about how the group can continue to evolve needs to be out of the mind and thinking only of three points from Belfast.

Without them, all calculations will be unnecessary.