A great disappointment for Andrei Yarmolenko’s fans

A great disappointment for Andrei Yarmolenko’s fans. A completely different game was expected from the Ukrainian. Yarmolenko was not the worst on the field, but initially it was assumed that he could rip open the left flank of the defense of Real Madrid, where Marcelo did not play because of the injury. Yarmolenko opposed the weakest defender of the “creamy”, who was on the field, – Nacho. If you look at the statistics, it’s not so bad: four successful dribbling attempts, three key transfers and two earned penalties. In fact, dribbling was not in situations when Yarmolenko created threats to the gates. Plus, Nacho collected a collection of eight selections – more than anyone else on the field.

On the other hand, Maximilian Philip on the opposite flank generally failed. Carvajal forgot about his existence.

Obama showed why it does not need “Real”

The Gabonese before the game lamented that his dream will never come true.

Goalkeeper Ramos and five other things that we learned from the match “Borussia” – “Real” Photo: Sky Sports, Evening Standard, Borussia Dortmund

“…” I do not want to talk about “Real”. They do not want me. The question is closed. It’s not a problem, I’m still moving forward, because it’s good for me in Dortmund. We agreed with Borussia that I can leave, but this did not happen. At first there was disappointment, but now I’m happy to stay. ” … ”

Obama seemed to have a good match in statistics, scored a goal, but, again, for “Borussia”, but not for “Real”. Gabonets has ruined a very large number of promising situations. Somewhere ran into the offside, at some points could not beat one in one. There was a situation when the attacker jumped out at a speed of one to one with Nacho, but he could not manage it either. Six losses, one unsuccessful attempt at dribbling and several ruined moments. Before the “Real” is not done.

Goetze returns

The most positive moment in the game “Borussia” is associated with the inspiration of Mario Goetze. The author of the victorious goal at the World Championships has finally fully recovered and solved the health problems. In positional attacks, Mario was the only man in Borussia, who found an unconventional version of the development of the attack. At the beginning of the second half, it was Gotze who surprised the defense of Real Madrid with a terrific throw to Yarmolenko, when Varan beat Obama in the line of his own goal.