According to Sicho, representatives can not draw on Karabakh’s experience

Although representatives of Pilsen and Liberec played this season with Azerbaijan champion Karabakh, it does not make much contribution to the national qualifying match of the national team with Azerbaijan, according to Jan Sýkora. The game of Azerbaijan representation and their most successful team differs greatly in the offensive.

“Karabakh was not a power of Azerbaijan football, because of their representatives there were only three players, and I can equip only Captain Sadygov,” said in an interview with Ostrava journalist Sýkora, who with Liberec drew with Karabakh 2: 2. In the end, Rasat Sadygov equated. Besides him, Maxim Medvedev and Gara Garayov were among the representatives.The same was true in the Karabakh and Pilsen matches. So it does not play much before Tuesday’s match, they will also have good players, beat Nory, but Karabakh with Karabakh does not get much to do “There were a lot of foreign players there,” said Sýkora.

He has a beautiful memory in Karabakh. He gave him a goal after 10 seconds of play and took the fastest goal in the history of the European League. “If it worked again, it would be funny, we will see, the question is, if I get in. I hope I could have a look at it for a few minutes, but it depends on the coach,” said a Liberean midfielder.

So far, he has only one start from a preparatory match with Armenia.Saturday’s duel in Germany only watched as a substitute. “Of course I wanted to be on the field, but I’m glad I could watch it at least from the bench, we tried to try something, especially the individual solution of the German players, and for the first time I was in front of such a backdrop. , but the more motivation we have to handle on Tuesday, “said a 22-year-old native of Plzeň.

This time he has a bigger chance to fight in the formation because the middle midfielder David Pavelka has scored. Even though Sýkora is mainly a top player, he would dare to take on the middle of the deposit. “I also played in Liberec.It would not be a problem, “ thinks.

The teammates are aware of the need to beat Azerbaijan at all costs and not to surprise as in 2009 when the Czechs succumbed to this opponent in preparation for 0: 2 “I did not even know we lost them. I do not even want to think about what it would mean if we could not do it now. We will be a favorite and we have to win if we want to play the game, “he added.