ACF Fiorentina – Cagliari Calcio 1:0

Fiorentina playroom’re not convinced, but finally, thanks to Cagliari goal in extra time overwhelm 1: 0th He established the Croatian striker Nikola Kalinic. Cagliari had their chances to have scored, the largest Marco Sau sent to the pole.

Goalkeeper Tatarusanu already had a job in the eleventh minute after a shot Marco Borriello scored a successful hit and also had to be more alert at any dorážce opponent. Emboldened home with up to twenty minutes with a shot Federico Bernardeschiho, Rafael had at her quickly on the ground. Viola was in the final stages of the first half clearly superior, but the coveted goal she failed to score.

Also in the second half was played a long time with no goals. Riccardo Saponara from a good position forced Rafael to further surgery and on the other side of the turn dangerously burned Borriello. Tatarusanu also scored excellent treatment when Italian striker shot vyškrábl a corner kick.

Both goalkeepers competed in better procedures, Rafael showed another great jump after a hard blow Chiesa Fiorentina and again after the head of Marco Sau saved rod. The match went to bezbrankovému end and probably would have been logical conclusion. But then came the time set, razor-sharp kick to the goal area and hlavičkující striker Nikola Kalinic. Fiorentina decided the match in the end and can celebrate victory.