After the tragedy in Brussels

After the tragedy in Brussels, English clubs were excommunicated from European cups by five, and “Liverpool” by six years. Home competitions still remained the main for the British, but the clubs that tasted the charm of European victories, gradually became bored brewing in their own juice.

Bruce had offers from several foreign clubs, but he swept them away. Especially since his first number was not questioned, Mike Hooper was content with the role of the second goalkeeper. Only in the season of 1988/89 Bruce remained for a long time out of work. The reasons were respectful – first a trauma, then a meningitis. There was a threat to leave football. But the man from the jungle returned to the gate. True, the character of the African became more absurd, he often conflicted with his rivals, then with his comrades. And jokes became more frequent, too intrusive and all less adequate. What used to be fun, began to annoy. Nobody touched Grobbelaar, they remembered his exploits.

“Liverpool” is empty

Changed the situation Graham Souness, who did not get along with Grobbelaar when he was a Liverpool player. They say that once in the locker room Graham blurted out something awkward, and Bruce remembered what he had been taught in the special forces. The conflict would be extinguished, the Scotsman and the Rhodesian won a lot, until Souness went to the Glasgow Rangers. And then Graham returned to the role of coach among the season 1991/92 and asked the old friend to be more modest. “You’re old, Bruce. From the closet to the locker room is more useful, “- said the new coach. At the end of the season, Souness initiated the invitation from “Watford” David James, the first black goalkeeper in the history of “Liverpool”, and then the England team. The 34-year-old Grobbelar realized that he was no longer counting on him.

He still played a little for Liverpool, including in a memorable match against Spartak, especially since James came with a trauma. I got the news from my homeland, a poor but independent country in Zimbabwe. There no one was going to pursue the former commando, moreover, President Robert Mugabe, whom Bruce had to kill, gave the goalkeeper citizenship. Already aged Bruce played for the national team of his homeland.

From Liverpool, he survived. At the gate settled David James, who soon received the nickname “Natural disaster” – guess why. Bruce left Anfield with a heavy heart, evil tongues even attributed to him a phrase similar to that pronounced by Peter the queen queen Evdokia Lopukhin, leaving St. Petersburg – “to be” Liverpool “empty.” Lies, probably. But the last time the “reds” were champions just with Grobbelaar at the gate. Since then – as cut off.

Bruce, too, did not achieve anything after leaving. In Southampton he was clearly bored, and he contacted a dubious company that led him to the dock. The famous goalkeeper was accused of participating in contractual matches. He had long sued the newspaper The Sun. It seems that he fought off and even won one pound sterling from the publication, but was forced to pay legal costs of half a million pounds. The goalkeeper did not have such money, and he declared himself bankrupt.

After “Southampton” Bruce played for several other clubs, the most decent of which was “Plymouth Argyle”. Several times he finished his career and resumed several times. Last time in 50 years. Now in his almost sixty Grobbelaar plays for the Canadian amateur team on the island of Newfoundland.

Before becoming a goalkeeper, he sent to the next world twenty people. The story of the Liverpool legend Photo: Liverpool, LFCHistory

Coaching career of the legendary goalkeeper is difficult to call successful. He worked with the Zimbabwe team, headed several South African clubs, but without much success. He was engaged in charity, for example, helped raise money for the treatment of Kenny Dalglish’s wife Marina. The woman managed to defeat the cancer, and, probably, this is the merit of Bruce.

Grobbelar often acts as an expert and commentator. Very critically assesses the game of the current goalkeepers “Liverpool” Simon Minole and Loris Carius, but still believes in them. And going, at least several years ago was going to come to Russia for the World Cup. “The impression of your country was smeared with my unsuccessful game in Moscow. You have to get new emotions. “