And then the young african was lucky again

And then the young african was lucky again – he was seen by coach Ron Atkinson and called to England. In the sporadic “Krue Alexander”, the club of the fourth division. This modest team already had the reputation of a star factory, where they found able guys and made them worthy players. Rhodesian took advantage of his chance and showed himself as a very capable goalkeeper. Gained fame outside the fourth division. But even at the beginning of the season, even in “Krue Alexander” did not really know what their goalie was, they entered into the record, like Bill, while making a few mistakes in the intricate Dutch surname. At the end of the season, Bruce was lucky for the third time – he was called to Liverpool, which is rarely invited twice.

“Liverpool”, which then trained great Bob Paisley, was the champion of England. Ray Clemens, one of England’s goalkeepers, has been in the gates for more than a decade. Ray has won with Liverpool everything that only wins, and at some point decided to refresh his glorious career. Perhaps the departure of Tottenham was not the best idea, but the goalie team was demanding an update. And while Clemens was preparing for a move to London, former Former Gribobolar and former policeman Steve Ogryzovich had to figure out who to be the successor. Bruce finally scored a penalty kick for Krue Alexander, after which he left for Liverpool. Clemens remained the main one, while Grobbelar and Ogryzovich fought for a seat on a conditioned bench. Why conditional? Because up to the establishment of the English Premier League in the application for the match could be put 14 football players – 11 players of the starting lineup and three spare. To give one of three vacancies to the reserve goalkeeper would be wasteful.


In 1981, having won Liverpool another, his third Champions League, Ray Clemens went for a new sensation in Tottenham. And the main thing was Bruce Grobbelar. The retired constable Ogryzovich was left out of business again. The new goalkeeper, of course, was surprised. If Clemens acted extremely rationally and neatly, then Grobbelar or Jungleman (a man of the jungle), as he was nicknamed in England, was completely opposite. Bruce worked on the brink of risk, made unthinkable and sometimes unnecessary throws, playing on nerves. But he turned out to be the winner and did not make gross mistakes. The conservative English public was sometimes shocked by grimaces of the Rhodesian, his gestures and flips, funny photos. Someone shouted “remove this clown”. There were those to whom the unusual style of Bruce came to his liking. Everybody reconciled the final in Rome, where Bruce and his “spaghetti legs” brought the Reds another Cup of Champions.

Before he became a goalkeeper, he sent twenty people to that light. Liverpool’s Legend’s Photo: Liverpool, LFCHistory

For five years, Grobbelar has defended the Liverpool goal without replacements. With every new season his repertoire filled with new reprints. The Reds won during this time four championship titles, two FA Cup, four League Cup, Champions Cup and once again reached the finals of the main club tournament. In that notorious match at Brussels’s Eisel stadium, Bruce could not beat off the penalty in the performance of Michel Platini. Not even trying to be monkey, the mood was not the same.