Arbitrage solves Kreuziger. Threatens to four years without riding a 21 million-dollar fine

Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) began to address the appeals of the International Cycling Union in the case of Romana Kreuzigera.UCI calls for Czech driver as punishment for irregularities in the biological passport disqualifications from two to four years, lifting its results in March 2011, including the historic sites of the fifth Giro d’Italia and Tour de France and a fine of 770,000 euros (over 21 million) plus reimbursement of management costs related to the intricate cause.

CAS to initiate arbitration proceedings today reported on its web site and said that further currently not comment on the case. No deadline by which it should decide, the court did not.

UCI Czech cyclist suspects on the basis of the data in his biological passport antidoping rule violation.Arbitration Commission of the Czech Olympic Committee but Kreuziger Sept. 22 suspect rid of a member of Team Saxo-Tinkoff this month returned to racing.

twenty-eight Czech rider had stopped work since Aug. 2. Even before because the whole case came to the start of the Tour de France. According to experts UCI data in his biological passport from 2011 and 2012 when riding for Astana, showed very serious anomaly. Fluctuations in the value of biological waist generally gives rise to suspicion of unauthorized use of the support means.

“Recall UCI we note, we expected it.Arguments are still on our side, “he said in a statement today Kreuzigerův attorney Jan Šťovíček.

He came up with a new proposition, which would speak in Kreuzigerův favor.” A full two-thirds of blood samples, which are the basis for deciding not during transport to the laboratory proven to be stored according to regulations of WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) and can thus be destroyed, “said Šťovíček.

” We are confident, and at the hearing before the Arbitration Panel is not clearly confirmed that the expert panel Cycling Anti-doping Foundation (CADF) ruled on the alleged guilt Romana Kreuzigera on the basis of incomplete and inadequate documentation and information, “says the lawyer.

Once again pointed out that the values ​​in Kreuzigerově biological passport has never exceeded the prescribed limit .Previously also he argued that the four-time winner of the Czech King polls cycling suffering since 2003, reduced thyroid function and a significant deterioration in the required high doses of medication substitution hormone L-Thyroxine. “And it is precisely in the years 2011 and 2012, from which comes the suspicion which the panel was not known,” said Šťovíček.

In this regard, he noted that CADF panel consists of leading hematologists, however, from any endocrinologist. And according to him, he did not take into account some fundamental scientific work.An open letter, the panel urged that opinion reconsider.

“The case of Romana Kreuzigera is a very important precedent not only for cycling, but for all sports. Today is a Roman, but tomorrow it could happen to any other athletes. We the CAS decides quickly and impartially and not allow honest man could exercise their profession. Do not let the anti-doping degenerated into a witch hunt, “said Šťovíček.

for Kreuziger continued to stand by his employer. “It appeals to our attitude does not change anything,” said General Manager stable Tinkoff-Saxo Stefano Feltrin.