Azeris are starting to play as Croatians, warns Pešice

That Azerbaijan will not be an easy opponent for Czechs, confirms former coach Josef Pešice, who watched Tuesday’s squeaky Saturday’s 1-0 victory over Norway. According to him, the influence of coach Robert Prosinecki and the game of the Azerbaijani people is starting to resemble that of the Croatian.

“The work of Coach Decin is showing. the Croatians play, “Pešice said in an interview with journalists in Ostrava, where the Czech team is preparing for a match on Tuesday.

One of the best Croatian players in history has mainly strengthened the Azerbaijan defensive. “Their strength is mainly in defense, they play from a deep block and then they use it to be fast and technically well-equipped.Counter-attacks are very dangerous. If they get into the lead, then it is very difficult with them, “Pešice said.

He praised especially the pair of Maxim Medvedev, Sharat Sadygov, who belonged to the pillars of the Karabakh defensive. Pilsen and Liberec competed this season. “Both storkers were excellent, emphatic, asserted, and kept Nora at bay. “

Just Medvedev just scored the match with Norway. ” It was after a standard situation when the Norwegians did not play well. They thought they were in danger, they went out but the ball returned to them and was the goal. But otherwise Azerbaijan did not have the upper hand.He played stereotypically and without surprise, “ noticed a Czech observer.

Even for a sixty-year-old coach who three years ago led the national team in three matches after leaving Michal Bílek, he is surprised to be Azerbaijan still few percent. “Few people expected to score six points after two matches. In the match with Norway, however, they showed their strength. In a given constellation they can be a very unpleasant opponent. It will surely be a difficult game, “Pešice said.

” The qualification for the world is long and will only be decided at the end. But it is important for us to stop the Azerbaijan and get three points. Maybe the boys do not have to win soccer, but they have to win and win at all costs, “he added.