Bara is exceptional. Such a return but I did not expect, was amazed Frydrych

Monday Špotáková Barbara has one thing in common. Both dominated the competition for athlete’s foot Josef Odložil Memorial. Petr Frydrych even such a manner as to himself by surprise. “To be honest, I was a little disappointed,” he laughed after the performance 85.07 meters. “Depending on how I flew, I did not expect 85. I had a goal to throw and 83.80. “

Could you so that you are after years of suffering back again?
” I would not say anything back, I’ve never been and on top. But I’m glad I’m in a long time those thrown 85 meters. I did not expect that it will go so far, and when it was 85, I felt that I can even throw 87, and I was again very hungry and went into it more force.So I hope that in the next race more calm down and I’m going to focus more on technique than on a grab. “

Do you feel that you’ve learned from the past?
“I’m sure there’s but not the wisdom or head, but about health. It is true that I took a lot of defeats and bad races and try to somehow learn that lesson from that. “

Are you mentally stronger after page?
” It’s hard say, still does not throw as three years ago. But I was mentally weak, that I had a compromise that I’m not going to win but only to race. And once you accept the compromise that it is not to win, so I downed it.Now, however, internally I feel that I can win and I was sent diametrically forward. “

How are you thus after the health page?
” Back already good, luckily, I exercise a lot. I was a bit worried but the hand and elbow, so I had one training to sixty oštěpařských as much hand broke. Now he just objezdit few races and then be prepared for Europe. For me, this is not anything special. “

Where are targeting the European Championship?
” I’m sorry but I will not talk about Europe. First, it is far and also the season has only just begun.Still a little seeking, it is not completely stable until zastabilizuji on these meters, so I can only wonder at the European Championship. “

How do you and your training group helped it back Barbora Špotáková?
“the fact that it is only with us, as a champion, like Vita, so it is for us to Cuba Vadlejch huge plus and added value. It can not be expressed or quantified. I enjoy every training session and they are remarkable people with whom I train. I’m very fortunate to group. “

You can compare the bar before and after motherhood.How do you change?
“That’s totally not judge because I was with her the main part of training neodházel, but after he showed now, so therefore I watched. Hats off. Bara is exceptional, so I knew he’d be back in style and method of the season will compensate his former Metz. But it comes so soon, I expect. “