Basketball players USK sucked Nymbursk leader, Děčín succeeded in prolongation

Basketball players continue to fight for the NBL play-off. At the A2 Svitavy team’s lead, 82:80 won the third prize. Tuurs, on the contrary, suffered the first defeat after a series of six victories. In the dramatic conclusion of the match in Svitavy, home Pavel Slezák dropped down to seven seconds before the end of the 80th round in the second round of the table of the group A2, who beat the last round in Ústí nad Labem. 81. The visiting players then threw four penalty throws, turning only one, but it was unfortunate to waste it. The Brno team defeated Svitavy even in the third duel of the season.Turin did not help even 26 points of Hunter Mickelson.

A more exciting match played with Kolin and Decin, who won 81:73 to prolong. The guests took 14 points at the start of the second half, but they came ahead. Five-minute set Severočeské dominated even thanks to Lukáš Palyza’s six points from the penalties.

Basketball players USK beat Nymburk, over which they led up to 17 points but eventually succumbed to 71:81. The defender of the title turned the match in the last quarter, which won 27:10.

“We said we would use this game to focus on ourselves and our gameplay. Especially after we performed in Pardubice where we played badly.With Nymburk you are not under pressure, and it is easier to play, “said USK coach Mirsad Alilovic. “We managed to be constant for 30 minutes, but then we fell. In critical situations, they were wrong, and Nymburk was so experienced that he immediately punished. ”

The match did not seem like a October mutual match on Folimance, where Nymburk won 44 points. “They play the most team-based basketball, and that’s what’s happening. If you let them play, it’s hard to stop, especially if they give ten trophies. They made a few mistakes, a few losses, we took advantage of it and took the lead. Since we’ve ended up in Europe, it’s not that, but I hope it’s natural and it will be better, “said Nymburk coach Ronen Ginzburg.

Group A1: