Best Slalom Fear in the Season, California came second

She waited for her next slalom show for three weeks. Last time Czech representative Šárka Strachová presented at the world championship in Swietokrzyskie, Switzerland. At that time she made a breathtaking ride, which brought her from the ninth bar to the fifth position.

The result of the World Championship was awakened by Strachova. Before flying overseas, she trained in the popular Austrian resort Reiteralm to make her last season’s skiing medal finish a medal success.

On the challenging slope, the Czech representative showed a clear, flawless and smooth ride in the first round, which moved her to fourth place.It should be noted that Veronika Velez Zuzulová or Nina Löseth did not finish the first round.

The first place after the first round was defended by Switzerland Wendy Holdener with a slight lead in front of home Mikaela Shiffrinova. On the third place was Slovak hope Petra Vlhová with a thirty-second advantage ahead of Strachova.

A huge drama promised the second round on the Red Dog ski slope.In addition, all the challenging conditions were exacerbated, with the thermometer climbing to almost ten degrees above zero, and a nearly unknown slope for the entire field.

However, the Czech routine did not make a single mistake during her second run, she watched the critical third and fourth goals in which the vast majority of slalomkats, including the late Mikaela Shiffrin winner, were defeated and Bernadette Schild from the hot seat leading woman.

But at the start there were three racers – Vlhová, Shiffrinová and Holdenerová.

Mladá Slowa did not manage the situation, and just before the goal lost concentration and her name immediately turned on that she did not finish the race.On the contrary, Shiffrin, who made a huge mistake at the beginning, increased the 70 second lead from the first round to Czech for one second and three hundred and pushed Strach to the second position.

And it was also the last “move” of the Czech competitor. I Wendy Holdener was wrong and the second round did not finish at all.

Fearful at her premiere in the US Squaw Valley, she had 17 appearances on the World Cup podium. At the same time it is for the Czech Republic the seventh place.

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