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bet365 fogadási bónuszok az internetenIñaki Williams is from this morning the player with the longest Athletic contract (2025) and also the one with the highest rescission clause, starting from the 80 million will finish in the 108. The striker has shown his happiness at the conclusion of the training: “I am delighted and Bet365 happy to have achieved this piece of contract, to continue coming to Lezama every day and continue playing for Athletic, I am very grateful and now I have to show what I am worth every day. 2025 there is Iñaki for a while. ”

The Atletico striker acknowledged that the bet is strong and with the Bet365 same responsibility for the club and for him. “I am happy and I feel very well recognized, I had until 2021 and it may have surprised me a little when they called me to renew it.I feel privileged and I feel tremendous pride. “Williams ruled out that having such a long contract is a door to relaxation.” I am very ambitious and I always want to improve myself. I want to make history in football and I think that for that there is no better place to be than Athletic. I would like the people who come from behind to take Bet365 me as an example because Athletic is unique and is above all. Let people know that I want to continue learning and that a good contract will not change me. ”

Message to Kepa

Williams, one of the players with the most relationship with Kepa in the costumes, he talked about the goalkeeper’s future. “We’ve known each other for years and we’re friends. He knows I’m staying and maybe something will pull him out, but he has the right to make the Bet365 decision he wants.I would like it to be renewed because we want the best ones to be here and Kepa is one of the best. But the decision is yours and you can do what you want, “he said.

One of Williams’ acknowledged dreams is to match the first team jersey with his brother Nicholas, who at 15 plays in the Cadet of the Basque League. “I would love to Bet365 play with him. It would be amazing to share a wardrobe with my little brother. He has been lucky not to suffer so much outside of football and the first thing I tell him is that he has to study and make a lot of effort, “he said.

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