Bosh is simply not familiar with the Bundesliga

“Bosh is simply not familiar with the Bundesliga. He does not understand that he has very slow players in his defense. With such a concept, the team is vulnerable in the defense when it presses on someone else’s half of the field “….”

Literally, the defense of Borussia Tottenham hammered in the Champions League. Londoners scored three, and maybe three more. Another question is that Dortmund was deprived of a clean goal, and the Bosch team created five or seven scoring chances for the match in London. However, this problem does not cancel the problem of high defense. The same “Real” will score a couple of balls, while Papastathopoulos will run to his goal.

Yarmolenko is better than Dembele

Be afraid, “Real”! How “Borussia” transforms Photo: Sport, Goal

In Dortmund, the sale of Dembele seriously considered the deal of the century. So far, everything looks just like that. On the account of “Borussia” is 100 million for a football player who is now in a wheelchair and uploads photos to the photos, how he plays in FIFA 18. “Borussia” also benefits Andrei Yarmolenko, bought for 25 million. His goal at the gate of the “spurs” became a decoration of the tour in the Champions League. Do not snore at the Ukrainian and partners.

“…” Andrew has a wonderful technique. He knows how to play a partner. Yarmolenko is athletic, able to easily hold the ball. We have not had a similar player yet. Footballer of this type fits perfectly into the scheme. We get more space when the ball is from Andrew. If he gives the ball to me, then I can draw a diagonal, and the team – create a chances to score, “- said about Yarmolenko Kagawa ….”

An important moment is the situation in the team. Now in “Borussia” there are no dissatisfied. The team got rid of the brawler and improved the microclimate. Relationships between players are sometimes even more important than individual skills. Just look at the nightmare in PSG.

Depth of composition

Another important difference compared to last season – the “Borussia” appeared a full-fledged rotation option. Of the key players, the team left Dembele and Ginter. Came: Yarmolenko, Philip, Toprak, Daud, Tolyan plus a couple of young players, and Bosch, of course, pulls young players from the club system.

An excellent example of the rotation of the trainer showed last week. September 20, “Bumblebees” won the “Hamburg” in large numbers, and three days later they destroyed the Mönchengladbach “Borussia”. The total score for the two meetings: 9: 1. On the field at this came out 18 players for two games. The best features of the current “Borussia” illustrates the composition of the middle line. Against the “Hamburg” in the midfield played Kagawa, Shahin and Castro, and in the next match they were cheerfully replaced by Daud, Weigl and Goetze.