Brněnský Dostálek: Nesesypu when they tell me I’m not doing that anymore

From the adjutant of the main coach, Dostálek has just become the boss of the Brno squad. “So much has not changed. Besides being more accountable to me and coming here before you, “he tells journalists Dostálek, who is preparing the league team together with his colleague Lukáš Přerost. “I did not cry when they told me I was going to. And I do not cry when they tell me I do not do that anymore, “he assures.

And as the search for the successor of the withdrawn coach Habance continues, Dostálka is waiting for a third league mast as the main coach. > Zbrojovka on Saturday from 17.00 host Liberec. “And it will be very challenging,” says Dostálek, and he has a great respect in his voice. Why?The Brno cadre is more like a lazaret.

The opponent will be Slovan, who even with the team can boldly attack the cupboards.On the other hand, Zbrojovka crashed again in Mladá Boleslav after the 0: 3 crash at the bottom of the table. “It does not look good,” Dostalek says. “But I hope the players do not get involved. We told them that it is not important at this time, “he stressed.

Coach Benjamín hopes the team will deliver a dedicated and concentrated performance as the last weekend of August, when Zbrojovka beat Sparta 2-0. “When playing with Sparta, everyone is motivated,” remarks Brno defender Lukáš Vraštil. “But our belief is that when the players managed the game against Sparta, why would they not be able to handle the next matches?” Thinks Dostálek, who is experiencing a hectic period.

In the morning, I’m horrified, says Doctor,

No, the former representative did not make a new job.Everything just happened too early, Dostálek is in Slovakia completing the study of coaching profile. “I have a final exam scheduled for January 2018. Two months ago, I was also assigned the topic of the final thesis,” the 43-year-old guy points out.

So far, Dostalek studies, analyzes and writes what role a defensive midfielder deployment with two shield midfielders. To do this conscientiously performs the ongoing tasks that teachers teach him electronically. “In the night I might have an email. I am horrified in the morning, “the former midfielder is amused.

“I have 48 hours to make and send my assignments, I’m trying not to leave anything at the last minute.And everything needs to be combined with work in the club and family life, “continues Dostalek. ”

Because Dostalek still does not have the highest license, he applies the Zbrojovka coaching exception. Similarly used last year by Sparta in the case of David Holoubek.

Coincidentally, the young coach, according to MF DNES, was one of the candidates for a coaching position in Zbrojovka. “You write a couple of names on the paper and you are analyzing and selecting,” says Václav Bartoněk, the head of the club. “But it is useless to raise doubts.Richard and the people around him have a style of work that should be functional. ”

The team has, among other things, extended a stable fitness specialist who will be in daily contact with the league team. And in Brno they believe that even this little thing can help to achieve progress.

“Nobody wants to be the last. The table is loaded, one win can move us further, “says Vraštil. “We will try to make the win come already and we have not come back to the last place,” he adds. “Liberec is a confident team,” says Dostálek. “I suppose he’ll come here for three points.But we are determined to make the maximum to keep the points at home, “he says.