Broken rebel? I want to have fun and I want to succeed, he says, Kyrgios

It was a rather significant change: no anger, no provocation, no insults. Neither to his own game, nor to referees, nor to fans or rivals.

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has started home Australian Open otherwise than usual – by presenting his own skills. “The further the person comes, the more weary he is; both physically and mentally. That’s why I save the energy for the next few days, “said Kyrgios after flushing Portuguese Elias in 85 minutes 6: 1, 6: 2, 6: 2.

” We should learn to have Nick again. Or try it at least, “reads the headline of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Australian Sheet.

It is not easy to have this friend.Kyrgios is number 13 in the rankings, and he could count on the most famous of the famous, but his character is, very much spoken, difficult.

“I do not like tennis,” he said earlier and in one of the few major interviews , which he provided for the New York Times later, he later divorced his idea: “I think I would say the same sentence if I could win grandslam.” They have never gone beyond the quarterfinals.

They also accused him of targeting duels, how many times he was screaming on all sides, and the most famous of excesses was by a sentence to Swiss Wawrinko about who was grinding his friend on the circuit.Last year, in Shanghai, he quarreled with one of the spectators and drew an $ 40,000 fine from the ATP and an eight-week start-up ban, eventually reduced to three weeks, at the cost of agreeing to consult with a sports psychologist. No, this is how the fans do not behave.

Do not worry about it completely, because before this year’s Australian Open he was wearing a T-shirt with a portrait of a future American president with devilish horns and a clear message “F…Donald Trump” (Kyrgios, for example, the legendary Australian tennis player Pat Cash). But in the opening grandslam of the season Kyrgios suggested that he could more target the tennis itself. “Mostly the end of the year are psychologically challenging for me. On my way, I miss the home, “he said after the 2nd.the round in which he will meet with Italian Seppim. “I personally have this feeling easily. My friend, family, acquaintances are missing me. ”

This element should fall out of Melbourne. And the man the tennis machine did not really pull in would like to change their feelings.

“I want to have fun again,” he said. “I know I can go a long way. Last year I definitely did not make a bad tennis, because I’m a thirteen world. I’m not bad at all. I want to be positive, start enjoying the game. Last year I made myself a stable member of the tip, but I could not beat the elite rifle regularly. Now I have high ambition and I feel like I can cause a stir. ”

If he continues to win, he may at 4.the round spanked Wawrinka, who had not forgotten his personal insult to his personal insults. “Not one of us is there yet, so wait. But I will not lie – we all know what the lot is, “Stanislas Wawrinko agrees. But Nick Kyrgios will be on the court against him. New? Better?