Children need to be protected from indifference

Children need to be protected from indifference. It is believed that the parents and love for children are inseparable, but no guarantee that maternal instinct is “awakened”, and the fact of biological paternity is not a factor in determining the quality of child care. Moms and dads, self-absorbed, trying to dissociate himself from his children, the curtain of gifts and indulging the whims, replacing the true concern with material values. Children are especially sensitive to indifference, which can lead to them feeling devalued and makes inappropriate ways to regain the attention of adults. Chronic postponement of education then leads to “omission” moments of life that cannot return.

Children need to be protected from harmful influences. In comparison with the big and cruel world, the family is a sterile chamber that serves as a reliable shield from the negativity surrounding social environment. Sooner or later the child will get out of the greenhouse conditions and face to face with the challenges of the society. Parents can mitigate the “entry” into a hostile environment, in a timely manner, instilling the concept of good and bad. Simple categorical prohibitions are not enough: it is important to reinforce parental “no” examples and reasons. The child should not turn into giving an ultimatum and moral “execution” for any deviation from the established rules. Giving children the right to a mistake – one of the methods of familiarizing the child with the moral and ethical foundations of life among the people.

Children need to be protected from excessive care. The child is under the complete control of adults until that moment, until able to provide for themselves financially, although with the onset of adulthood he could wave parents handle and “flutter” from the family nest. Where, how and at whose expense “to fly” is another question. Hyper is in an effort to be present in all aspects of a child’s life – from education to entertainment, in an effort to not only control, but in practice influence the choice of friends, clothes, school.

The wrong approach to the child as to their sequel, its a complete copy contributes to the development of the parents “the God complex”. They are trying to artificially impose their own view of life, to seize the thoughts and actions of Chad, not taking into account that the child has an individual will and that his views of life can differ from the parent. It is not a reflection of the parents, but can become the victim trying to turn it into such.

Practice shows that every day the rights of children are violated, but these facts remain unaddressed: the norm of parental care on children – a rather vague concept, as well as the norm of public control of actions of violators.

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