Chlumsky: In Kreuzigerově waist are big changes in a short range

Chief Executive Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic Jan Chlumský admitted that curves in the biological passport cyclist Romana Kreuzigera contain relatively large fluctuations. Especially with regard to the short period of time as they occurred. But does not want to speculate what could have been caused, and predict how the whole affair will end.

Chlumský but indirectly hinted that concern on the part of the UCI is to some extent understandable. “There are some big changes within a few days and weeks,” said Chlumsky.

“That’s what fledged experts on the UCI, and also what the experts that on the contrary, has hired Mr. Kreuziger again advocate.That’s it, that’s what it will be resolved in arbitration in Lausanne, “pointed Chlumský to the proceedings before the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), where the entire case again reached. The final verdict, however, all actors must still wait some time.

Kreuziger published data Chlumsky had seen before. “not everything is the large lot and can not comprehend it when my workload, but the fundamental data, yes,” said Chlumsky.Anti-Doping Committee attended a meeting of the Arbitration Commission of the Czech Olympic Committee, but not a decisive voice.

Whether it is for Kreuziger completely standard curve that seems UCI without fluctuations beyond the specified limits suspect, did not want to speculate. “There may be different influences that it has a stake. The human organism – like everyone else – is subject to various influences.Now it’s just about whether these fluctuations are legal and pharmacologically explanatory, or whether they happened after illegal intervention, “Chlumsky said.

They have two expert opinions

Kreuziger His defense also admitted that for over ten years he suffered from thyroid disease and received substitution hormone therapy, with doses gradually increasing and having a certain effect on haematopoiesis.For all but the UCI throughout he knows. “Problems with the thyroid gland and treatment of the curve in some way certainly influence, but the extent to which this occurs and there in the mentioned period, it is a matter of specialists and far beyond our horizon,” said Chlumsky.

Road professional stables Tinkoff-Saxo is suspected because of the biological passport values ​​of 2011 and 2012 when he raced for team Astana, which is several times during their competence faced a doping.What will be the final verdict CAS, in which the UCI appeal due to the biological passport yet never lost – but each time because of the exceeded values ​​- not Chlumský estimate.

“Stumble upon himself two expert opinions at the highest professional level. It’s hard to predict , it is a very complex and complicated thing. it’s about whether or not the normal cycling and training lead to such fluctuations. Let us just to be decided as soon as possible, yet correctly and fairly, “said Chlumsky.