Cibulka will not wait for Wozniak’s mistake. Not meeting

MELBOURNE. Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has not made a heavy headline from last week’s loss of 3: 6, 3: 6 with Sydney in Sydney before Friday’s meeting with Dominica Cibulkova on the Australian Open in Melbourne.

“I did not make it, it happens sometimes, and last year I did not manage the first match, it’s a bit difficult to play there shortly after arriving from Hong Kong, and I did not make the previous play in the show. I’ve tried a few things and evaluated how they work, “Wozniacka said. Wozniacki self-esteem is not lacking

“I do not think I can frustrate, but I can use them in a positive way, and I’m still harder to compensate.Since Sydney I have had some good trainings, I have a hard robot and I feel really good. I’m totally lacking in self-confidence. I consider myself to be a really good player who can beat anyone if she is doing it, “said Wozniacka on the press after Wednesday’s 6: 1, 6: 0 victory over US Vaniou King, who last year defeated the Australian Open Cibulka from 1: 5 in third sete and 4 mečbalov.

Danish with Polish origin to her performance said: “I was aggressive, I dived in the blade early enough, I kept my rival moving and there were a few Successful transitions to the network. I was doing what I thought, and I felt relaxed on the court.It was good, basically I played a solid match. “Cibulková has nothing to lose

Cibulka for Ekstrabladet said:” She is a favorite and I have nothing to lose. It will be one of which we mentally better handle the situation. I’m in a good mood, I just occasionally need a bit more constant. In Sydney I was against Caroline forcing my game, and I’m going to try it now. It is the only method that leads to success against this opponent. You can not wait for her mistakes because you will not come. “

Wozniacka is leading in a 5: 2 seniors’ duel match, both of which have measured their strength at the previous top event.Danke in the extraordinarily strong wind in the quarter-final of the US Open 2010 did not allow Slovakia to repeat the maximum of the “big four” level in the form of the Roland Garros 2009 Paris Roland.

The current motivation of both may be even greater, There will be no renowned player. She will be a successful pair of Anastasiya Sevastova (Lot.) – Vesna Manasiev (Russian).