Cibulka would have a second in the season

“It was one of the best matches I ever played with her. She is a great player, she served great. She is the most unpleasant rival for me, especially for the show, but I was able to return well. “

” Yes, I played very well here. I played the first, second round according to the idea. After a long time, I feel good. One can say that last time I felt like this after the winning tournament in Carlsbad. “It was a long year, after the Olympics, I did not choose the best when I went to play all the tournaments in America. That’s why I decided after the US Open to try to relax more, but it’s coming to the end of the season and I’m not going to push anything.I’ve been training for a few days in Vietnam, and I’ve been loose for the matches. “

” I have to knock it off, everything is cool. Clearly, after fights, fatigue has come, but that’s all. It is also visible to other girls that it is the end of the season. “

” So far I have agreed with Pete, we plan to prepare for the new season. I’m not looking at anyone at the moment. “

” I’m going to Beijing and I’m also Linz, but everything will depend on the results. I believe I will play well in China and leave Linz open. Then Moscow is waiting for me to defend the title. “

” The season was solid. When I was twelve, I played two great tournaments and then nothing.Now I get to eight or nine to the quarterfinals. I won Carlsbad. So far I would have given you two, two minus. “

” I do not want to shoot it first. It helped me to relax now, and I do not want to give a specific goal. I’m certain that I will stay in the first twenty, I’m sure and I can only surprise. “Yes, every year I went somewhere in the heat. Now I would rather stay somewhere in Slovakia or near Slovakia. I plan to relax for two, two and a half weeks, but it all depends on how I play. “