Città di Palermo – AS Řím 0:3

Roman AS carries three points of Sicily and every point is repaid by one goal. After the goal El Shaarawyho he was also pushed Edin Džeko, who wants the crown for the king of shooters. Score at the end of Bruno Peres concluded third goal Wolves, who returns to second place.

Palermo competed with Rome in a duel that had both teams win. The Romans lost form and this afternoon also the second place, while Palermo namely find a new owner with the leadership and vision, but each month losing hope for the first league more and more. Today, Lopez coach gambled on Čočev, EMBAL, Bruno Henrique, Sallai or Nestorovski, which should be even with the captaincy at the hands biggest threat.

AS is still struggling with a crisis team completely lost power. I therefore today coach Luciano Spalletti has finally made a proper cut up, so he sat Edin Džeko and De Rossi with Emerson and Strootman. At the tip moved Stephan El Shaarawy, who supported the Salah with Nainggolanem. Space for the first time in the league got Portuguese Mario Rui, a place was found for Jesus with Grenier and Paredes.

Favorit is released into the home from the beginning, but the first really big chance had just Palermo. Specifically, it was the bomber Nestorovski that even a large angle overcame Szczesnyho goalkeeper, who underwent balloon between your hands. Goal but did not pay long since Nestorovski opinion by Judge chance to get through the offside. Domestic gradually fell into step with AS, which seemed very nervous and not played. Moreover, it is not surprising, because in the basic eleven coach Spalletti made a lot of changes.

The next chance to Palermo received via Foul hosts, but Sallai overshot. And it backfired Palermo, as his kicking technique showed Clément Grenier. His passport delicacy from the first heading over the defense found Stephan El Shaarawyho, who stood on the edge of offside. Italian striker then had only slightly balloon “butt” for Fulignatiho goalkeeper – 1: 0 for AS.

In another interesting experiment sped diagonally Bruno Peres El Shaarawy again, but this time his shot twisted sent off! But it would have been otherwise attractive game full of events for which we have been accustomed to today’s Italian afternoon, it certainly could not tell. Palermo had tried, but lacked over the defensive line AS. To the contrary, did not race anywhere and relied on qualitative superiority.

To the dressing room as the players were leaving happier hosts, though he often heard a squeak. The second half started much better home and a pleasant center suffered on Nestorovskiho. The head of al deflected slightly off. But it was again AS, which could score the first goal of the second half. A situation not unlike that goalscoring because Clément Grenier center of the first searched for the defense of free Stephan El Shaarawyho, which, however, immediately gathered Rosanero defenders and in cooperation with the goalkeeper Fulignatim ward off the danger.

On the opposite side it was also very lively when the ball in the box and Alessandro Diamanti got a beautiful morning stretched Polish goalkeeper Szczesnyho. Palermo began more and faster about combine lime hosts, giving him more corner kicks. He had a chance to shoot defender Morganella, who bomb vyprášil goalkeeper gloves Szczesnyho! At least the pace of play from the hosts declined Palermo and gained a foothold.

The player is in the interest of the other goals came Edin Džeko, who replaced Grenier. A seasoned zakončovatel got into an interesting chance after a great cross Bruno Peres, but the finish was firing perhaps outside the Renzo Barbera Stadium. Romans flew into the match, one kick at a time, but with all the defenders Wolves counsel and eventually avert. The presence of Edin Džeko after all manifested when experienced striker received a nice pass from Nainggolana and worked it into his chest. Just before projecting goalkeeper and center-back moved it slightly to the network and celebrated – 2: 0th

At the very preset time Rome still got one wicket. Kevin Strootman ball drew a few dozen meters and noticed sprintujícího defender Bruno Peres. This also eventually sent the ball in front of lime, so Peres enough to shoot through the legs of the goalkeeper Fulignatiho 3 – 0 for AS Roma, so the Wolves returned to second place ahead of Naples.