Cyclists grin at Giru: The Slovenian ski jumper dominated the hard time

On Monday, the Giru d’Italia was a free day, cyclists were training, and so was the captivating story of the Slovenian orchid Primo Roglič, who was able to win the hard Sunday time. The former junior world ski jumping champion made it right in his first season amongst professionals.

In the opening stage of Gira – a 10-kilometer timer – he missed just one hundredth of a second in the first place. Statistics have calculated this difference at 1.48 centimeters. The second chronometer struggle on Giru was four times longer and the rider led the wavy Tuscan terrain.In the famous Chianti wine region, Primož Rogler has managed a time-lapse, most of the day raining with rain, with a ten-second lead, and somewhat peculiar.

“Just two minutes before the start they told me that my bike did not meet technical standards. It’s too long. I had to change it a little. I got on the ramp for about twenty seconds before I had to go. I did not really care, “he described the beginning of his big day, Roglič. And that should not be all.

He did not have a drink on the spare bike, he did not count on him. Soon after he found out he had a saddle too low. Eventually, he lost the sporttester. “My computer fell for ten kilometers.I suggested driving it to our sports director, I wanted to lift the computer, but I probably did not understand exactly what I wanted, “said Slovinec. He lost his motivation on the track and did not believe he could fight for a good result. He walked blindly, only by feeling. “I decided to take the time-card just for joy. Suddenly I felt fantastic. This was very strange. In the first phase I went slowly, in the second half of the route very quickly. I was walking up the hill incredibly. And I was lucky for the rain. If one or two drops fell on me…just a handle, “he said.

A competitor who started his career as a 21-year-old and did not even have a bicycle during a career on the ski jumper, Did not settle for miles.His performance surprised everyone.

Cycling began to work in 2011, when he ended up jumping because of injuries. He put his bike in front of the television, looked at the Tour de France, and learned. He had gone half a hour up the hill, adding to it. The first race went without food and drink, the other was bad weather and winter and the rain was sick for a month.

I fell on a bike, but it was different fall than in the snow. “How many times have I dusted on the asphalt and I was wondering if that was what I needed,” Roglik recalled last year. But he bit.

At the beginning of the season LottoNL-Jumbo was rated as a mountain stage specialist. He pumped endurance into himself, his determination for jumping.Giro, next to Vuelta, was the first big stage race that he dreamed of enforcing.

He did it on Sunday.

“Impeccable,” he said. “I was surprised myself. But I have a great time bike on which it is fun to ride. In addition, time trial is a fight against yourself, you have to master yourself. It’s a bit like jump. I did not realize it right now, but it seems like time tricks will suit me, “he explained.

Gira’s ongoing ranking:

Brambilla (It./Etixx-Quick-Step) 34:33:04, 2. Jungels -1, 3. Amador -32, 4. Kruijswijk (Niz./LottoNL) -51, 5. Nibali (It ./Astana) -53, 6. Valverde (Spain / Movistar) -55, 7. Dumoulin (Niz / Giant) -58, 8. Landa (Span / Sky) -1: 18, 9. Majka ./Tinkoff) -1: 45, 10. Fuglsang (Denmark / Astana) -1: 51.