Czechs application of Kosice in their major league know nothing

BRATISLAVA. Slovak hockey club HC Kosice wants to play next season in the Czech Extraliga. It says Wednesday’s edition of the daily Hospodárske noviny, adding that he has into it and filed an application.

“The interests of Kosice know the club to the highest Czech contest he filed an application, ‘HN quoted the vice president of the Czech Ice Hockey Association Petra Břízu.

The Sme these words, however, denied that they knew anything about the existence of Kosice application to the Czech Extraliga. “It is clear that in the Slovak press there was a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of my words.I am of any particular application Kosice did not speak, did not see it or know about it, “said Birch SMEs.

” While in the past the development of my knowledge, the Košice tried to enter the Czech Extraliga. I said only, is principally one or Košice application submitted or not. And so should their effort decided to season.The existence of a particular application, I could not confirm. “Said after the final

Hokejisti Kosice club currently struggling in the final of Slovak Tipsport 2013/2014, after four series of duels with Nitra’s score balanced match 2: 2.

The club president Juraj Mondík account declined to comment and in a similar vein, the TASR also expressed by the players themselves current runner-Slovak Extraliga.

“I hear it the first time. But now we have before us other things. We need to focus on what is in front of us and everything else must go beyond us. We have before us an important match that we have to manage.Needless therefore distracted by such things and think of something else, “said striker Peter Bartoš.

” We do about this in the cabin and not talk or I myself never signed up. We do me and all focus on in order to cope with the last steps to meet the pre-season target that was here.These things will be solved only after the season, so now we do not pay attention, “noted the attacker HC Marek Bartánus.

For the Slovak highest competition, the departure of Košíc was a sensible blow even after two years ago he left Slovan Bratislava to the International Continental Hockey League (KHL).

“We are currently playing the final of the extraliga, So I will not comment on these things, “said Juraj Mondik, president of the Kosice Club.They have to pay loads of masculinity

Košice come with the same initiative and three years ago, but when they did not work.

“The participation of foreign teams is relatively large organizational and logistical problems, including the funding of all costs,” said General Manager for HN Pilsen Martin Straka.Officials Czech clubs should Košická request be addressed after the season.

According to a spokeswoman of the Czech extraligistu of Carlsbad Hany parsley is “a condition that club HC Košice pay the costs associated with travel and accommodation of Czech teams in matches in Košice.”

“We think it will be Kosice for competition benefits both from a sports and social sites,” said Petrželková.

Director Vladimir ProHokeja Paštinský questioned the conjecture that the departure of Kosice to the Czech Republic was current.

“Košickí officials are quite experienced professionals to make themselves known to the Czech Extraliga without that it would not respect the principle that must first seek the approval of Slovak hockey association.”

Košická effort to get to another competition presented by officials at the beginning of the season.President Juraj Mondík then Sme said: “After leaving KHL Slovan in audience interest in our extra league declined. Visitors at the Steel Arena are not adequately invested money. After the season we will decide what to do next. “Utilization Steel Arena during the season of rarely rose above 40 percent. KHL to have no money

US President ironworks. Steel George Babcoke ruled that Košice had ambitions to join the KHL. According to him, the region has such economic potential of the KHL withdrew minimum budget of ten million euros.Sponsor post ironworks stands at 1.5 million euros per year.

According to several representatives of Czech clubs in Kosice detriment of the project says the remoteness of the city from the Czech Republic.