Does the cost of Chinese money cost? He is injured, explained his absence coach

“I’ve said the truth before the game, I’m telling her now. Diego stopped training on Tuesday because he felt the pain in his back. That’s why he was not ready to fight, “Conte explained after the match in Leicester.

He did not comment on the alleged quarrel that had to happen between Costa and the fitness coach. “I know nothing about it. I’m telling the truth, “said the Italian coach on Saturday night.

According to most British media, however, the absence of a Spanish representative may not be just an alleged injury. Costa has said he has received a lucrative offer from China that would provide him with thirty million pounds a year (equivalent to almost a billion crowns).

“No, I do not know.Not me or the club, “Conte said again.

But can they really stay at Stamford Bridge?

Although Costa has a fantastic season in England, perhaps the best in his career. But he recently admitted he wanted to leave Chelsea in the summer. “I wanted to change for family reasons. It was not for Chelsea, but yes, I wanted to leave, “he said at the beginning of January.

He added that Chelsea is now happy again. “He’s fighting for a club, a blue jersey,” coach Conte said. But does it resist the current charm from China?

“Today’s football no longer has loyalty. Why could not he go? “Asks former English representative Danny Mills. “He has a Brazilian smell, they are like that.It goes where money is, “thinks Mills.

He also found Costa – a native of Brazil – representing Spain. “He has no relationship with England and the Premier League. No one can criticize it, “he added.

” If Chelsea does not want to play, I’d let him go. Costa has a big share in Chelsea’s success, but it’s not Messi or Ronaldo, “adds BBC expert Jermaine Jenas.

For Conte, a similar hitch in the famed season is the last thing he needs. In January, Oscar waved to China, what would he do without Costa, who was part of Chelsea’s nine goals this year?

“I believe they will win the title even if they lose him,” Jenas thought from the BBC.The progress and the unmatched 3: 0 score in Leicester’s Saturday match is true.

“I’m happy we did it. Now we have to rest and get ready for the next game, “Conte said.

If Costa is going to show the next few days.