Elhotová: The son is the center of the universe, but I want to win the championship in the Czech Republic

Now is the time to return. And the motivation is clear. The homecoming or the European Championship that the Czech Republic hosts in June this year.

“I’m starting with the training. I do exercises on the inner muscles, pelvis, hips. I’m not running yet. We’ll see how the body responds, “says Elhot, a 27-year-old. “If it fails, my head will not get hurt. But my goal is. And when I set a goal, I can go after him – but here I have to take into account other factors. ”

In Hradec Králové, where the Czechs will play the basic group, Elhota handed out the signatures along with the legends of Hannah Horakova, Ivana Večeřová, Eva Hlaváčková Vítečková.Their era is gone, just the USK shooter is to be the main replacement.

If it does.

“I must say that from the beginning I was glad to have relaxed from the basket, “He admits. Back goes in a few steps, especially in the beginning: “There are exercises that I can not manage yet, this is a new experience for me. But I take it as a natural course. ”

Maternity has a logical influence on the sporting career. It has to be difficult to come back, as Elhot is now. Someone does not want a family at all, others get a welcome look.

How will she have it? “I’ll see, to judge ahead is tough,” she’s realistic. “The center of your universe is a child, but I look forward to returning.Son is a priority, but one will be deregulated from the other. ”

It would not be without the help of others:” They are very grateful to them. “At times, Karolina Elhotová, her sister and basketball representative, is also watching. “The idea that we would play together for a home game is totally amazing,” says another of Elota’s most famous motives.

If Kateřina is ready, the trainers will be happy. But the limits are mainly realized by herself. “Just training and jumping into the European Championships would not be ideal,” he says. That’s why every spared week would fit in order to get back to the match pace as much as possible. “Maybe I’m going to go to the end of the Czech league. Maybe not. ”

Everything is just different, new.

Instead of a season-season season, the season starts from scratch.She is curious as to how the body reacts.

“So far she manages. We will see how I will be breathing when I start running, “he says. “Because I’m pretty impatient, I’d be angry if things did not go according to plan.” But with little Daniel, life is different. Plans are not as easy as before, but the reward is sufficient. “He is good, my sweetheart,” he says with joy in his eyes. That’s why one of the best basketball players in the last few years is that the next horizon remains empty in June.

“The goal is to return to the championship, then see.Now it’s all difficult to combine – but the summer will come, November will be a small year and everything will be easier, “he says. “I believe we can find some middle way.” At the moment, he walks the one at the end of which he is able to engage his home in a European dream.