Fall of the Lovers in the waves. They want at least to the semifinals

“So far, I think we are doing our best at least a bit joyfully, and I hope to join the team as soon as possible. But it is definitely a priority to be healthy and we will do everything to make his return smooth and gradual. ”

Although he returns to the bench after five years, he takes it only as a hitch. “I certainly do not plan to return to training forever. I think I’ve already solved this. But I enjoy it, it’s nice to win, “he likes the Serb. Berka should be back to the team back at the end of January.

“In January, we will have a conditioning training, we will work with an athletic trainer and a force training specialist, they will definitely help our assistant Toman.If everything goes well, Milan will join the game at the end of January. If it is not 100% OK, we will not hurry anywhere to be under pressure. The team is experienced, very well composed, we will be well prepared to be competitive for the key part of the season, “the club boss does not doubt.

The autumn of the Hunters is not disappointed but not excited. “We had several waves, the performances were a lot unbalanced. There was a big disappointment with me when I was playing with Frydek, and now we got a little bit of it, we got to the plus points and we are a little more relaxed because the table is snapped. It may happen that we will lose three times, and at the same time from 3.we can fall to ninth, “he warns.

Domestic defeat with Frydek, this is the biggest blossom on the autumn fall. “It has been our most precise performance in recent years! On the contrary, we were very good at home with Zubřím, we played well in Jičín, the point of Karviná is also very much appreciated. “The cadre should stay together, only the pivot Phil Kopáč ends. “But it will not affect performance. As far as the team is concerned, we will see. We’re talking about something, I’ll know more about Christmas, “Serge suggested.

But now it’s clear that the Hunters should attack the top rungs in the spring. “After Frydek, I would say we will not even go into the play-off. But otherwise, those goals are clear.We want to end up in the fourth place and then fight for the semifinals, “commands the lovers boss, who also slipped into the final 4th Czech Cup in January. Troopers advocate.

The sons have been impressed by the performance and results of Czech handball players at the World Championship in Germany. The Czechs came up to the quarterfinals and took the 8th place.

“It’s a great success. I would also like to show something to the men at the European Championship in Croatia. We have an extremely heavy group there if they could make it, so I would consider it a similar success as the women’s progress in the quarterfinals. “