Famed season. Kopfstein headed to the top of the Air Race, overall fifth

The Karlovarský racer has spent a great season in the elite category Masters. Although he only moved in the second year, he gained 43 points. Only once in 8 races failed to advance to the Round of 8 semifinals, otherwise he scored every time. He even won the second place in Japan.

“That’s great. I have to say that we have all the races this year, “says Petr Kopfstein of the Spielberg Team. Before the Indianapolis race, he had only one goal, defeating Australian Matt Hall and winning fifth overall in the championship. The race led to Saturday’s qualifi cation, in which Petr Kopfstein flew second, through Frenchman Francois Le Vot on Sunday’s Round of 14 and German Matthias Dolderer in Round 8.

The race conditions were very demanding.It was raining all morning, but it stopped shortly before the start of the first round. A strong wind blew on. French pilot Peter Kopfstein defeated without problems, but the German was already above his strength. The world-renowned world champion has shown the best flight of this year. “Matthias Dolderer had a great time, we were pushing but we did not want to make a mistake,” says Petr Kopfstein, the semifinal round. Although he failed to advance to the final, Indianapolis finished fifth in front of Matt Halle. The season ends for him more than perfect. “The goal was to end in the top ten, if we were in the middle, so super, the fifth place is great,” the Czech pilot says.

The course of this year’s series is also a great hope for the next.They do not want to attack the box and the title of world champion, which this year won the Japanese Yoshida Muroja. The second was finished by Martin Šonka.

Last year Kopfstein did not get to the Motorsport Museum in Indianapolis. On the so-called Wall of Glory, he saw the still-acting world champion Matthias Dolderer, who won the iconic circuit in 2016, and has written for his history forever. This year Kopfstein would have liked to join the legend.

“A visit to the Motorsport Museum in Indianapolis every competitor motivates us to make a great result here.If I took the prize in the places where the biggest motorsport figures were, it would be a bomb, “dreams Petr Kopfstein.

In the final race race this year’s series has made an important step. He finished second with 0.24 seconds behind Matt Hall’s fastest Australian. It was with him that he took the fifth place in the overall classification of the championship. “It looks like Matt Hall found the old form of Paul Brahmme and was bothering him to fight for the title. It will be difficult, but it is not excluded that we can win and return to the top five, “Petr Kopfstein said confidently after qualifying and sent a message to his opponents that he will be crowned the title of world champion next season.

The qualification of West Bohemian pilot was great.The promising time flew in the first flight and no longer left the second place. Conditions in the United States were ideal, sunny and almost windless. The technical and extremely demanding line at Indianapolis Petro Kopfstein suits.