First as a leader in the NHL. I want to be the best, says the cigarette Mrazek

In Detroit, they do not want him to be a good goalie in the NHL. They want to be in an overseas league absolutely TOP. Czech goalkeeper Petr Mrázek (24) has no such ambitions with no problem. “Everyone wants to be the best NHL, do the best job for the team. I’m not an exception, “he said at the start of the season for Sport. “I want Detroit to show that he chose me years ago, made a mistake.”

support in goal will certainly need. Detroit at the beginning of the new year, many believe the NHL. It is believed that without a striker Pavla Dacjuka (return to Russia) will have a big problem the club reach a continuous series of participations in the playoff at No. 26thFor the most part it will be just to Petru Mrázkovi if team Red Wings forecasts revolt. With the new contract starts the season as the number one goalkeeper.

Coach Jeff Blashill it at the inaugural trip in Florida sends the gate against the Panthers and Lightning. “First Ondra Palát, then Jarda Jágr…The sharp acceleration,” he reports with a smile Mrazek. “It will be good matches, which we certainly just show what may be improved. I look forward to finally turn will play a little bit. “

Contract? Advantageous for All

This summer has been quite hectic for Mrazek. In addition to preparing for the World Cup with his agents he had to solve a new contract with Detroit.Both sides eventually agreed without arbitration, although the original ideas bosses Red Wings and Mrazek is quite different. The club officially submitted an offer for less than 6 million US dollars for two years, ten Czech goalkeeper demanded. Result – 8,000,000 US dollars for two seasons. A satisfied both parties.

“It turned out beautifully, we found a match and we can all be happy,” he said after signing the goalkeeper, who took last season 737,000 annually. Even with the new contract is Mrazek from the point of view of finance is still behind the experienced Jimmy Howardem (2019 will take 5.2 million US dollars per year). However, the difference is not as abysmal.But although in Detroit making clear that Mrazek is their choice of the future, not to let the two goalies.

“On Jimmy here does not change anything,” said Mrazek. “We’ll see how it goes next. While we are together we go for a beer, but we have a professional relationship. We’ll see how it will be resolved. “In preparation for the zachytali both. A lot of space and got Jared Coreau (24 years). “He had a good friendlies and last year had a very good season in Grand Rapids (AHL farm in Detroit),” praise him Mrazek. “Can it be a good goalie.”

He is on the preseason camp and pre-season feeling pretty good.He perceives the confidence of the club and wants to repay. “It’s definitely a different situation than when I went to camp with the fact that I do not know what will happen,” says Mrazek. “But this one go through each. And then we need to find that it is different than imagining the youth team. You realize that there is nothing to rush the development of the player goes up every year. Improves it, you collect experience. And I’m the last season took a lot of things into new ones. And it is for each to do it then capitalized on the best. “

The experience for him was the World Cup.Positive experiences. Although the Czech team came out liking, but Mrazek not evaluate it as a flop. “Although we did not meet the goal, we wanted to semifi nal and the fact we missed the point in overtime,” recalls the defeat of Europe team 2: 3 in extra time. “But I think we did a good job and we did not disappoint. Personally, I am very glad to have had the possibility of such action board and to catch you. “

Do the Tatar not scored

Who, however, in the cab Detroit vice versa World Cup downright kick, so it is Mrazek mates European party.Tomáš Tatar, Frans Nielsen and Thomas Vanek returned to Toronto with silver and enthusiasm. “Too bad that did not win because they played better than Canada,” says Mrazek. “I’m just glad I did not at the World Cup goal Tomáš Tatar. I’d had it on your plate every day. “

The Slovak striker now contrary to the taste itself tightens. “I made fun of him, that he was afraid to go against me the penalty shot and went to him Kopitar,” says Mrazek. “I expected to go Thomas, it should Grads. Too bad, that we could both enjoy. “

Now experienced attackers with Nielsen breeze with them even Steve Ott are new reinforcements Detroit.Should they try to close the gap after leaving Dacjuka. Dc “All three are currently doing a super job,” praises the Mrazek. “On and off the ice. They’re cool with them is fun. And I’m glad that I can chat with Vanke Czech, we-being. “

It is clear that replace Dacjuka will be very difficult. “Yes, it’s a loss,” he does not conceal Mrazek. “But now here nobody cares, not draw too. We must continue to work hard and find new leaders. Experienced guys here enough, it will be up to them. And I feel that the boys and it seemed glad that it will cost them. “

He wants to be the cornerstone of the team.Number one, to which the club can rely on. “I look forward to it and I am glad that the season finally starts. It will be challenging, but I believe that we catch the beginning and fares better than a year ago when we dropped out in the first round Stanley Cupu. “