Five-Person Svoboda: Rio will probably be my last Olympics

Eighth place in the world championship, fourth place in the European Championship and a place in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year. The Olympic winner in modern pentathlon David Svoboda just dreamed of the season that ended him in the end of August. Now it’s real, and a man who has not been able to race for 22 months due to complicated injuries, is already planning to prepare for the Olympics, which should be his last. “I have a professional contract until 2017.And I can not imagine that I would like to do that another four years, it’s been too long for me, “Svoboda explained.

At the beginning of the season you said in an interview with the Sport daily that you do not know , What can you expect…How did the season from your perspective finally work?
“Eventually, it did much better than I hoped in the beginning. In modern pentagon, it’s always true that if one is able to compete in the top ten by default, then it means he’s a very strong member of the world’s smallest tip, which then drives every race a little differently. In other words…when I was the eighth world champion, it was not necessary for the media or the broader public to be so photogenic because it is just the eighth place.But in pentathlon, the one who is the eighth in a race, and it was not a coincidence, can win the next.

It has calmed you in front of the European Championship, where it was the best chance to qualify I was in the middle of that day, so I was preparing for a month and a half of the ME that if it all goes down I will fight for a medal. I was finally fourth, which did not bother me because it meant qualifying Rio first, and secondly it was another proof for me that I was back, and this is the best I could for this year.It would be too exaggerated, because I had little time to prepare.

What does it mean?
I started sometime in February In March, I trained in April as well as I did, even though I had a considerable reserve in preparation. Finally, in the results of swimming and running, it was a bit of a familiarity that I did not compete at the level of my staff.On the other hand, technical disciplines have been very stable, it’s about age…(laughs) In fencing, shooting and riding it is very good, so I am very happy and look forward to next year as one of those who will be Have a chance.

How did you manage to get rid of the health problems that you were almost two years old?
It has been a very long convalescence and a specific exercise. Now I do not limit myself at all, and for the last two months I have not felt any significant limitations. Of course, some considerations must be made to get it back again.But when I follow certain rules in preparation, it does not return to me and I can now prepare for this season for the next season, which is great, I did not experience this luxury for three years, such a luxury.

How hard will the internal struggle be about Rio?

There is very little opportunity to get a direct qualifying in their name, and therefore the one who has it, whether from this year’s World Championship or ME, has made a very significant step forward in the end. It should be added that the next year will be the chance to take part, namely to the World Championship in the first three places and will be the qualified SP overall winner.So there will be four more direct qualifying positions that will be very difficult to get. In order to get me with Honza Kuf (he also qualified for ME), someone from the Czech team skipped, he will have to meet this. And he would have to be better than both of us.

And what about the Czech rules for nomination for OH?
Our internal rules are set so that it does not happen There is someone who will go for the merit that he won a year before OH even though they are currently better athletes. So he will decide the ranking on the world rankings of who is currently the best. It will be the current form, but only among those who have met the international qualification. The union can not send someone there who did not qualify.So when I and Honza Kuf are healthy and racing as we were racing this year or better, we should not miss it. Despite the fact that Ondra Polivka, Martin Bilko and all the others are terribly good and good enough to be even better next year, they have the first step yet unresolved.

For women, the same key ?
It’s the same, but I have not yet said that international qualification can be achieved by placing in the world rankings in a reduced order. Which boys in our country, because it is loaded there, does not solve anything, because it can be expected that this way we will do more. On the other hand, the girls who are fewer there, basically two now who could do it, can do that to a lot.One can assume that if everyone is healthy, then one, maybe two, can do it. And you do not have to deal with the direct qualification because they would be snaking through the ladder and no one else in the Czech Republic would endanger them.

How many pentagons from one country can go to OH?
< strong> There is a quota of two people in each category for one country.

Do you already think about the Olympic gold defense?
So healthy. I consider myself one of those who will fight it. But I will be happy, it sounds alibistically, but it is so if I’m healthy, I will prepare myself well and at the Olympics or any other race I will perform well with the feeling that I have surrendered everything there.And now what it means…it is different then, but it may happen that I will fight for a medal at both OH and other races. This is my motivation, I’m looking forward to it and I am not alone.

Have you ever been in Rio?
At several World Cup races, It’s fine there.

So the conditions are good for you, you do not have climate problems?
We do not have problems with it. Well, maybe it will not be a terrible heat, but we’ve been here this year in Europe too, so cool.

They did not. I hope the international federation does not allow it, but it’s never sure. But I believe that after the OH in Beijing, they will be careful.The Rio will be your last Olympics?
I have a signed professional contract until 2017, so Rio will probably be my last Olympics.

Never say never. But I can not imagine that I would be like that for another four years, it’s been too long for me. Otherwise, I have seen almost everything from the top sport…I still miss the title of world champion, so I have a little more time to do it, I have some more time to do it. But other than the third Olympics and hope for success there, I did everything in the sport. And now I have other life challenges before me. I’m thirty, I have a little different plans with my life.I do not want to do it for thirty-five or forty, or I want to do it differently.

Do you have a holiday now, were you somewhere?
I’m one of those who can relax by being at home at home. So when I go somewhere for a couple of days to a cottage or then to the Giant Mountains to concentrate, it’s for me.

How many weeks do you have?
Now it’s Fourteen days, since last week I started to move…But watch out, I’m not a fanatic, I’ll explain. I’m lazy to give you a long day off. This is because the longer it is off, the more it hurts the return. And it’s terribly unpleasant, and then, at my age, I’m getting some trouble. But it’s still a free time for me, that is, I do not feel the hard workouts one after the other.I’m just going to run or swim only when I want to.

Which of the things you enjoy, are you enjoying during your holiday? What about your favorite skydiving?
I have not been there for a long time. But maybe this week I was at the shooting range, but I shot some of the other things, like a machine gun, a shotgun. The laser does not like me so much, so I feel better when I can spray it out there with the drugstore. I feel more dangerous. (Laughs)