Football fans and Sparta fans already know what Belgrade’s hell looks like

The Rajka Mitice stadium, which is no different than the Marakan, is not just the place where Antonín Panenka, 41 years old, was the penultimate dwarf champion in the European Championship finals for immortality.

Delije, one of the most famous, best-organized, but also the most feared fan groups in Europe. Therefore, the minibus with journalists must accompany the police cordon at the pre-match press conference to the stadium, so it is recommended not to provoke the participants in the tour – even if unintentionally.That is why the club has been instructed by UEFA to make the players aware of their opponents and their supporters as cautiously as possible.

Security concerns are in place.

How to fire with the pyrotechnics at the stadium?

Just search the internet for a few videos. You will find that when the hardest nucleus of Delije (translated by the Heroes) is angry – which can also be a trifle, the streets fly flares, sticks and stones. For blows, fists or kicks are not going far, and in the worst case they will even get weapons.

If they do not just bounce and throw the power to cheer instead, they can conjure up the atmosphere that will get you goose skin.The one that pulls you off without realizing it.

“I let myself be carried away completely. I suddenly wished Crvene Zvezda to win more than anything else in the world. I could not say hello or Serbian, but I tried to sing with chanting with Deliie, “British blogger Ben Dudley describes on his blog the experiences of visiting a banging derby with Partizan. “It took me a long moment to realize again that I came to see the match as neutral – before I found out that I hate Partizan.” Maybe it was blinded by the light of dozens of flares and fireworks that are a common part of one of the world’s most extreme derby – on the stands it looks like a rocket base.How can we get a huge amount of pyrotechnics over the strict controls in the auditorium?

Tribute to Jagoda

It’s not a mystery, Delije has a long-thought-out strategy. The ingredients for their “fire show” smuggle to the stadium quietly in two weeks in advance and invent ingenious hiding places where no one can reveal it.

If you strictly hold the view that pyro is a crime, you have to admire and be astonished by the spectacle. But at the same time, it must be borne in mind that this bunch still moves on the edge and often crosses it.In the vicinity of the cracked walls of the stadium, painted with large graffiti with a machine gun and the inscription “UEFA supports terrorism”, it is sometimes avoided by death.

Last year, two fans with stab wounds in the hospital, Borac Cacak, he died. In 2009, Crvené Zvezdy hooligans slaughtered the death of a young fan of French Toulouse.

And when you visit Belgrade you will see a painted strawberry anywhere in the city, remember that it is a tribute to Mark Ivkovitch, nicknamed Jagoda. As a member of Delije, he died in Istanbul, where a fanatical basketball fan Galatasaray in his battle stabbed the knife directly into the heart…

Read only for the poorer, right? Marakana, for a Czech fan, so a poetic place, is everything, not just an oasis of safety and peace.Sparta also met on Thursday. It fell to a very weak performance of 0: 2.