For fame, for hundreds of millions. Pilsen set out to fight for the Champions League

Started Tuesday morning at Prague Airport, where the Czech champion traveled to Sofia.

Ludogorec Razgrad vs. Viktoria Plzeň, kick off on Wednesday, 20.45.

Play-off, 4th pre-round, final stage of the qualification. Twenty teams that have gone through previous relentless struggles. Among them is Pilsen, among the defeated Sparta, which is just waiting for a fight for the European League on Thursday.

Here Pilsen is sure if the match with Razgrad does not come out. But who would want a “consolation” competition now?

“Being at least in the European League is very important, but the Champions League is of course more,” says Coach Pivar. she experienced it three and five years ago. She then passed the qualification without losing a point, which was unique.In 2011, the giants of Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Borisov were given the basic group. Two years later she clashed with Bayern Munich, Manchester City and CSKA Moscow.

“It’s hard to pick the nicest experience. You do not play Barcelona or Bayern every day. We know that when we get to the Champions League, we are expecting interesting rivals, “said Michal Ďuriš, the striker. He is one of the six footballers who have already had their first successful qualifiers over Pjunik Jerevan, Rosenborg Trondheim and FC Copenhagen . “Six, yeah? We are surprised that there are so many of us, “said Durish.Together with him Limbersky, Kolar, Bakos, Petrzel and Rajtoral.

For another successful qualifier that eliminated Sarajevo, Nome Kalju and Maribor, they were from the current Kozáčik, Řezník, Hořava, Hejda and Kovařík.

but she started in the third. Again, however, Karabakh Agdam was overwhelmed. At home he played 0: 0, in the retaliation long lost 0: 1 and the goal scored by the score, scored at the end. And that was the case before the home of many big chances.

“Razgrad is also very strong, but he plays more individually, more and more quickly, his play is more straightforward.There are a lot of Brazilians in the squad, “said Pivarník, who visited the Razgrad duel at the Levski Sofia Stadium this weekend. “A bout, something like Sparta and Pilsen. A lot of emotions in the auditorium and on the playground, the home audience felt hatred. “Razgrad is a provincial club in Bulgaria, which has glorified the popular teams from the capital Levski and CSKA, Plovdiv and Lovech. The highest competition has only been played since 2011, but since then he has always been a champion. Two years ago he played the Champions League against Real Madrid, Liverpool and Basel. Because it has a poor stadium, home matches must be played in Sofia in the cups.

It is not just about the glory and the opportunity for the audience to show matches with European grand clubs but a lot of money.The European Football Association will be valued at fourteen million euros in the Champions League main stage, which is a sum of 380 million crowns. More money can be earned by clubs with successful results, with a prize of 40 million crowns, for a draw of 13 million.