From brutal injury to gold from Rio. I’m officially back, George shone

The summer of 2014 has come when many basketball fans are still in their minds, even though they would like to forget about it. US basketball players in Las Vegas played a preparatory duel before the world championship when Paul George injured his leg in a shocking way. The diagnosis was: an open fracture of the calf and tibia.

And the parents then gathered from the tribune to comfort their suffering son. His career was in jeopardy. His employer in the NBA was upset that his representation might be a superstar. “But now I can forget everything.I’m officially back, “he said overwhelmingly after the victory finale in which the Americans crushed Serbia 96:66.

Before his start, Indiana Pacers saw a touching moment. “You know, coach Mike Krzyzewski was one of the first people to visit me at the hospital,” George wrote in the siege of journalists. “And now he told me: We were writing about this moment exactly two years ago. That’s what I told you when you lay in bed after surgery. The day comes when you come back – and now he’s here. Gold Match. “

George scored 9 points in it.And thanks to him, Americans are where they wanted to be. “We met with them in Rio before, so we knew what to expect,” he recalled in a duel in a group where the US over the Serbs won the difference of a single three. “We’ve put everything into it, we have done a great job.”

The final was a clear matter and this is another bonus.

The teammates and team leaders felt they had fulfilled their dream . “When we return two years back to Las Vegas, where Paul was helplessly on the deck and no one knew what was going to happen to him…Even though he could be with us at all, it’s amazing,” said US Jerry’s basketball team boss Colangelo. “This is his big day.” Each of the twelve boys celebrated their mission to a golden dot.But the joy of Paul George had an even greater dimension. “To play here for my country, it meant everything to me,” he said about the tournament in Rio. “Now my story is written.”