Goalkeeper Ramos and five other things that we learned from the match “Borussia” – “Real”

Goalkeeper Ramos and five other things that we learned from the match “Borussia” – “Real”
The return of Ronaldo, the disappearance of Yarmolenko and the failure of refereeing – the main thing from the central game of the day in the Champions League.

In Dortmund, Borussia had to confirm or disprove the vitality of their insane tactics, and Real needed a loud victory in order to muffle the criticism that hit the team after the unsuccessful start in the Example. “Real” with a huge margin outplayed the leader of the Bundesliga, exposing the numerous problems of the opponent, invulnerable in Germany.

Crisis in the “Real” is not

Goalkeeper Ramos and five other things that we learned from the match “Borussia” – “Real”
Photo: Sky Sports, Evening Standard, Borussia Dortmund

Talks that Zidane lost control of the team, and Ronaldo and other leaders want his resignation, seemed delirious even before leaving for Dortmund, but in Germany Zidane once again confirmed that everything is going according to plan. “Real” had the opportunity to play against the team with a holey defense, at speed and without much fear for their own goal.

“Creamy” showed a very competent game. In the first half, “Real” dominated the field, creating a roundabout at the gate of Birka. The hosts could quite settle down on 0: 3 already to the 20th minute. Indicative of the moment when Kazemiro found Karwakhal in one pass, and he reached the gate and almost scored. Two non-most creative players broke all the semblance of defense in Dortmund.

“Real” for XG was much stronger – 2.71 at 1.17. The case where the match ended with such an account, which was due to this advanced statistics. “Real” at the beginning of the match gave the opponent a “swing” and put pressure. Somewhere from the fifteenth minute, the guests could already easily pass Bosch’s praised pressure.

Undoubtedly, the double of Ronaldo is also important. The Portuguese, like the team, is in perfect order. In Dortmund, Cristiano played more for the partners than it was in the last matches of the championship. Five hits – two goals.

Borussia has no defense and no plan B

Head coach Peter Bosch will have a hot week. His main tactic completely failed. I wonder what the mentor expected when he put up a high defense with Toprak and Socrates against Ronaldo and Bale. “Real” very easily fled to counterattacks, there were no “creamy” problems and a positional attack.

High defense yet looks like “Borussia” doomed to failure in the matches against the top clubs. “Real” and “Tottenham” showed the world all the weaknesses of this tactic. It would seem, “Borussia” will be rebuilt after a disastrous first half, but Bosch bent his last. At the end of the match, the reckless coach switched to a scheme with three defenders, forcing the already exhausted Philip and Yarmolenko to work on the flanks. The idea fell through after Modric easterly ripped through the defense in another counterattack.