Goodbye, ligo! Basketball Děčín will say goodbye to Soukup. “I’ll bend”

“The rate has done a lot of work for the club. Let’s say goodbye to the people so he can enjoy the applause, “said general manager Lukáš Houser. “Do you want to rummage,” said Soukup, a heartbreaker and hector, one of the symbols of the Decin medal era. 32-year-old Soukup is enjoying the National Basketball League, but not his fateful club. He is a youth manager and he leads the junior with which he has moved to the 2nd league.

“I would like to pass on my experience. In time, we’d like to go with the bull to the 1st League, so the young guys and the boys do not play where to play.And that they do not have to go to Prague, Litoměřice, Trutnov, which takes a lot of time, “he says. “But it’s a long-term question, we need to stabilize the team and not move on and down.”

For about three years now, he knew he could take over as a Chief of Staff, so he did not even think about the non-skateboarding work. “Maybe I would be a journalist, but it would rather be enjoyed by James Housk,” he pointed at the captain. “I suppose I would become a professional fisherman,” the fish lover smiled.

The job was taken over by Jan Skokan, who had long been retiring. It revives the Pyramid Project, the base plate of which is the smallest. “We now have 70 children in preparation, which has never been here.Cuba Huska is trained by her, the children go after him. “Life has changed enough for the pivot, and the fishing does not go well. “In the morning I go to the hall as always but earlier and not in the dressing room, but one floor up to the office,” says Soukup. “I’m still in contact with the guys, I’ll have a few words before the training.”

His former partners also tease him. “I’m laughing at the other side and I have nothing to say about being an official,” Soukupa said. The NBL will not miss it. At least he hopes. “I think it will be enough for me to watch the league games.” The plan to help out is a trap.Děčín has five pivots. “I keep myself fit in the Litoměřice first league, but the boys are two levels higher,” says the man who played despite the big knee pain. “I would have to train for three months to be able to enjoy it, but it would be after the season.”

Unnecessarily modestly from Soukup, who posted 26 points in the Premier League. Last year’s finisher destroyed Trutnov 85:63, and Soukup defeated Houser’s dean official, as well as the player Linhart and Kasha. And then he would not be enough…