Greskko is dissatisfied with player Podbrez’s access

PODBREZOVÁ. The current situation in the Slovak first league football club Šport Podbrezová is far from ideal.

After a series of five defeats, Horehroni has reached a bilateral agreement to end the co-operation with coach Zdenko Frťal.

He took the “ironmongers” only this season, but out of nine fortunalig sessions, however, under his coaching leadership he only earned five points and Podbrezová is currently crouching on the table.

As Vice President Vratislav Greskko admitted in the TV channel TV Hronka, Frťal is not the only culprit of the current unflattering status of ŽP Sport.

“The situation does not even have to be very pronounced, the twenty goals won say a clear word.There is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the performance of the club, as well as with the players’ access to the game, because everything has been discussed. It was not just a coach, I’m not saying it, but it’s always easier to change the team’s chief to get rid of ten footballers, “Greskko, 38, has clarified. He did not exclude further changes after the 10th round of the 10th round against FC Spartak Trnava in the domestic Zelpo arena.

“The board does not feel that the players fought for the colors of Podbrezová, absent a collective spirit. They have good conditions, they can not complain, nobody goes to the cabin.They are investing in the stadium or the youth, just the A-team stagnates or recovers respectively, “said the former Slovakian representative.

However, the football players of the ŽP Sport are still not afraid of fines. The end of the helmsman did not come from a performance or result in one performance, but at a glance. “

Taking the correct course will be the new pilot Marek Fabul, who has arrived at the Kolkáreň settlement from the second league FC VSS Košice .

“He does not expect anything simple, he has his own idea, philosophy.

Knowing more people in the club gets all the necessary information.We believe that the same cadre can be played differently. He has many robots ahead of him. The trainer will not change every two months, so I appeal to the players, we are not going to get out of hand, “said Vice President Greskko at the Fabula 40-year-old (born August 5, 1975) at TV Hronka.