Halo is waiting for a duel in Madrid, Ronaldo looks for the 100th goal in the cups

After the break, the Champions League continues this week. Naples on Wednesday may become the first team in history to make progress after three matches of the group, but before that, eight Tuesday duels will take place. In one of them, Czech defender Adam Hloušek will present with the Legion of Warsaw in the field of the Real Madrid trophy defender, whose star Cristiano Ronaldo is missing two moves to reach 100 goals in European Cups first.

he has not enjoyed an ideal period recently.In the course of the Spanish league, he only scored two goals, but on one weekend he contributed a 6: 1 win over Betis Sevilla and a strike against the outsider from Warsaw.

“White Ballet” ended Saturday’s victory a series of four draws and against the Legion, which has zero points from two Champions League matches and a score of 0: 8, wants to take a decisive step forward. Madrid are with four points in the score group behind Dortmund, the third Sporting Lisbon is a point back. “We’re well tuned in. We know the upcoming two legions will have a big impact on whether we’re going to be the first in the group,” said Isco midfielder.

In the second duel Group F measures Sporting Lisbon forces with Dortmund.Borussia had a great start to the season, but now she has failed and has not won the last three games.

The Leicester debutant is experiencing a controversial season. English champion is in the Premier League until thirteenth, but on the European scene he thrives and after two matches of the group is with full score and net account at the head of the table. The good form in the Champions League wants to be confirmed by “Liška” at home against Copenhagen, which has not won 23 competitive matches.

“Last season we were like in another world. It is logical that when you are playing the first games in Europe, you lose somewhere, Copenhagen is uncomfortable with your physical play, but we have to deal with it, “said Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri, who celebrates 65th on Thursday.birthday party.

Another English club Tottenham will be introduced to group E in Leverkusen. Home Bayer has two draws on the board, the guests one win and one defeat. The table surprisingly leads Monaco, who has unexpectedly won at Tottenham, and last saved the point with Leverkusen. French team on Tuesday against CSKA Moscow will try to win the first prize on Russian soil.

In group H wants to confirm the form Juventus Turin. The “Old Lady” won the last five matches at a 14: 1 score and plans to prolong the series in Lyon. In the second duel of Dinamo Zagreb for the first time in the Champions League, coach Ivaylo Petev will lead. His superiors have zero points after two matches and a score of 0: 7, which will try to improve against the winner of the last three leagues of the Seville European League.