Here’s what Manu himself says about the situation

Here’s what Manu himself says about the situation: “Igor Cherevchenko at the command did not solve anything, he just obeyed Smorodsky. I could not even explain why I did not play. Olga Yurievna also refused to talk to me. In my opinion, it would be better for me and for the club, so that we sat down, talked and found some kind of compromise. ”

And now Fernandes bombed. All RFPF experts will recognize it as one of the best players in the league. He continues to collect juicy victorious goals, plumping his strikes into shock and forcing not to believe that this happens in the championship of Russia. His amazing technique allows him to screw up 3-4 opponents at a time, and the field’s vision just hits the farthest furrows of imagination. Was Smorodsky wrong about the Portuguese? No, he is still mediocre and does not sparkle the mind, and all the rest more so.

And we’ll return to Fernandes. Manu is the top dribbler and assistant leagues and plays a key, binding role in the construction of Loko. In the spring Miranchuk remembered that on the field it is possible not only to stay, but also to benefit, however, in autumn, the development of “Locomotive” attacks completely and completely was in the hands of Fernandes. Manu descends to the central defenders in order to start the attack. Involvement of the Portuguese technician in the game of the Semi boys shows that in each match he – in the top players on the number of committed touches of the ball.

Portuguese Phoenix How Manuel Fernandes Again Burned Photos: Lokomotiv Official Website,

From Manuel comes the first vertical pass, starting an attack and cutting off several opponent’s players. Elegantly Fernandes also gives the latest releases. The Portuguese can tear from any distance, so that he should always be guarded as tightly as possible, although it is unlikely to help, as shown by the recent match in Tula. It is not known whether Mano is now following Jose Mourinho, who wanted to work with the fantastic “Loco” when it was 19, but in any case he would hardly appreciate the cosmic goals of his compatriot.

Until recently, Fernandes was hard to imagine flooding in the podkats, but Manu really did much more to help the defense. Now he uses his body not only to get into a strike position and place himself in the next charts of fascinating balls, but also pushes them attacking players of the opponent’s team. In addition, the Portuguese immediately reveals the attack “Loco” with a rolling transmission forward. Fans of the club have not experienced such a violent orgasm for a long time: Fernandes and in defense ?! Formed sur, but it’s true. Owners of red-green scarves all year round demanded to get rid of Manu, since he walks on the field and does not come back (forgetting that if the midwife got up from the bench and went to help protect – that would be something entirely comic), but today they recognize him as the best player in two consecutive months and almost pray for his attacking skills.