Hradec’s return to extralize. Last year Davos helped us, Captain Bednar knows

All the very interesting diversions in the form of Mountfield Cup, Champions League and Spengler Cup are already over. And in front of me, there is only one course whereby the success of this year’s season will be judged.

Hockey players in Hradec Mountfield can throw away everything that has hitherto accompanied their hockey season and concentrate on the main: in extralize.

“Last year we had some deaf places, but after the Spengler Cup we picked up and we had a great end of the season.I can not find any negatives and I hope this year will be just as successful as last year, “said Captain Jaroslav Bednar before the climax of the season that came closer with the new year. Mountfield is returning to the extraligue roundabout after the Christmas break, during who bravely beat the Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland. His domestic competitors have played three rounds in the past, and it has been reflected in his village.

On the other hand, the score was second only to Vítkovice and his loss to leading Pilsen grew by eleven points. On the other hand, he gained the advantage of having played more matches before the Christmas before the others, now he has one match for the good. It is the duel of the 33rd round on the ice of Prague Sparta, which will play on Tuesday 16th.January.

Throughout the match, Mountfield kept a very solid starting position at the end of the base. In addition, Spengler Cup can help him forget about two pre-Christmas extra-league failures that have made him a little bit pre-Christmas. Also because the two losses last time, Mountfield last suffered at the end of October.

“Last year, Spengler Cup helped us, hopefully it will be this year,” says Bednar after the semifinal participation in Davos. A year ago, the New Zealand players kept the tempo from Switzerland and it was a great January. The first three extra-league games of the year have been won and the other balloons have been positive.

The end of the season and the beginning of this year brought the team a big plus.She completely emptied the team bag and stayed after the demanding Spengler Cup program, in which Mountfield played four games in five days. In addition, coaches have been guaranteed since Tuesday that they can count on the attacker Martin Lalal until the end of the season. The Hradec Klub took advantage of the option and prolonged this host to Mlada Boleslav by the end of the extralig year.

The opening extralig rival for Mountfield in 2018 will be Chomutov. It will be the third match of this season, in both previous Mountfield won 3: 2, although in the other, home, he needed an extension.

The current extralig block will take a little over a month during which Hradec is waiting for 15 matches. After her, the Olympic break will come, and then she will go tough.On the last three rounds of the base will immediately play-off.