I did not expect a similar result, confessed the two goals scored by Lafata

Sparta has long been unable to find a way to penetrate the consistent defense of the Bratislava Slovan. After nearly half an hour of play, however, thanks to the happy reflection of the ball, she enjoyed the opening goal. And no one else shot than the attacker David Lafata.

“I figured a bit that the terrain was not easy and that Lukáš Vácha did not have to hit well. The ball went straight to my feet, I managed to process it and I was in front of the defender. He kept me, but I had the stability and the ball was close so I did not want to fall but finish “, he described the situation that preceded his first goal.

The football players would be in a similar situation with the end and would try With a penalty to secure a penalty kick for his team.Lafata again showed his shooting instinct, even though he was aware that the operation of the Slovak beak was beyond the limits of the rules. “I do not know if the referee would whistle, but it came to me as a clear penalty.” The goal of the Spartan captain proved to be crucial for further development of the game. The Letennians were suddenly calm on their kicks and after three minutes they scored again.

“The first goal broke the development of the match. Although we had a balloon before, they had the upper hand, but we were hard to get to them. When the opponent is caught up, it is always the first goal.They then had to open the game and we quickly gave the second goal, “he confirmed the importance of his goal. Lafata.

The second time, the home cannon assisted after a change in sides when he finished the beautiful combination to an empty gate. Sparta eventually defeated Slovan 4: 0 and in the second round with the Slovak opponent did not add.

“I admit that I did not count with such a result. Against the match in Bratislava we scored two goals in the first half, and it was decided.But I do not think that Slovan has made it easier for us, “said Lafata.

The winners of Vítězslav Lavička lead the group four games thanks to a better score, and they stepped on the course. “We can decide at home with Naples, but we have to admit that it is the toughest rival in the group and the biggest favorite,” the Captain said. “We will fight and hope it will be sold out and the audience will take us. Then everything can happen. “

The Sparta would be able to draw a draw in the match against Naples if Bern would lose on the Slovan’s field. But it does not matter to her players. And although Lafata personally thrives and has five moves along with three other players to score a European League shooter table, Team Achievements are more important to him. “Crown Shooters?Not that. I will be happy to move forward, “Lafata wishes.

This can be accomplished already on November 27, when Naples, Italy, will be presented.