I did not expect this victory this year, according to the coach of Havlíčkův Brod softbalists

Then he celebrated not only the victory of 12:10, but also the defense of last year’s title. “The last match was really nervous,” admitted the coach of Havlíčkův Brod Hroch Dušan Šnelly.

“I must say that we were on the verge of defeat in the first shift. We have survived literally with happiness. But then we went back to their game and eventually broke the game to their advantage, “he said.

However, the coach with the title defense was not even counting at the start of the play-off. Also because, unlike last year, Hippos were betting on their offspring only this time. Additionally, the Brod team had an average age of 23 years.

“That’s why we have not expected much since the season.That’s all I’m surprised now, “said Snelly, smiling happily.

Praise for Experience and Youth

“It is our big and strong support for the bats,” he said, “he did not spare compliments to the native of Brod, thirty-seven year old. “And as a second, I have to mention only 16-year-old Lukáš Hospodě who played the matches in the base team on the clutch. His performances were really admirable, “he nodded his head.

The mentioned Hospoda is a sort of rarity of the Czech softball. In one season, he won four titles of the Republic champion.

“Besides the aka he also celebrated with our teams until 22, 19 and 16 years.In addition, he is the European champion of cadets, “he calculated the achievements of the talented Brod softball player. But he did not forget the final score even with the praise of his opponent’s address. “Eventually we managed the way for the title, but Ledenice certainly deserves admiration.They did not give up once, all the games were tremendously balanced, and the rival to the final moment of each victory, “he said, from his mouth, towards the final rival.


The journey home was of course very cheerful and the celebrations then burst into fullness as we arrived at the stadium, “said the coach of the Hrochs of the Brod.

Hippos succeeded in the international field in the challenging season.In the Super Cup in the Netherlands, they took second place when they were not only for the Belgian Brasschaat.

“It was a long season, so players will get a decent time before we go back to winter. And I believe we will all enjoy it properly, “Smile said.

Ledenice deserves admiration. They did not give up once, they always came to victory.