I feel very good and happy to benefit the team

“I feel very good and happy to benefit the team. When you play regularly, and not once a month – it’s a completely different feeling. Thanks to Semin that he believed in me, now I’m happy, but I do not think about the national team yet. If I consistently show good football, I will certainly be noticed, but there is not much chance of it, “despite his fiery game, Manu is not eager for a team that has not appeared for a long time due to a conflict with ex- coach of the Portuguese Paulo Bento. After two notable goals for “Loko” in 2014, he got on the expanded list of the team, but then he was unhooked. Today, Fernandes has 32, and in the midfield of the best European team run players who do not and 25.

Nevertheless, Manuel is steeper than most of them. Of all his competitors, only Bernard Silva did more assistants. Fernandes perfectly plays with both feet, while the same Silva – a pronounced lefty. Neither João Mariou nor William Carvalho nor Andre Gomes perform penalties and penalties, like Manu. Gomes is absolutely useless in “Barça”, for 24 games, gaining just 3 points on the system of “goal + pass” and starting to dig in his career. Carvalho still work and work on technology to reach the level of Fernandes. João Mariou is still too unstable in unsteady fashion trends, “Inter”. João Moutinho plays a purely symbolic role in today’s “Monaco”. Renata Sansheesh? This young man in the style of the game is very similar to Manu, but so far can not adapt to the Bundesliga, and for the national team in the selection played a miserable 2 minutes.

Portuguese Phoenix. How Manuel Fernandes started burning again Photo: Lokomotiv’s official website, Goal.com

This same team won all qualification matches for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, except for the game with the strongest rival – Switzerland. The team as always drags Cristiano, who shipped half of all the balls of the Portuguese in the selection, and the midfield does not shine at all. All the above guys from the Portuguese midfield play in leagues that are much stronger than the Premier League, which means that my comparison of Fernandes with them is not entirely representative? Perhaps, however, Manu definitely deserved another chance in the team.

He could become the champion of Europe, if he had not been doomed to scrub the reserve “Loco” last year, and now he has to establish business in the Portuguese center. Manuel is a real fighter who has sustained a year without football and during this time has never violated the regime and continued to learn Russian, which is very well-spoken. One day in the “Valencia” Fernandes played 75 minutes with a fracture of the tibia and, undoubtedly, is also ready to fight for the Portuguese flag. Now it’s a little thing. Manuel Fernando Santosu’s number is probably known. In extreme cases, you can write to the direct in Instagram. Fernandes is so happy to return to the big football and light that, after 3 years, again began to lead it.