I have a nausea, too, admitted Hlaváčková tennis player

“I’m surprisingly pretty good, just not good inside. But I do not feel much pain, so I’m positive, “said Hlaváčková, 30, at the iDNES.cz Olympics studio and was the last guest on Sunday.

The fact that he shared a single ball with Hradecka from the medal, he was particularly miserable in Rio. “It was not easy to evaluate positively. Just after the game it was the worst, we lost the medal, I have not experienced such disappointment. Now I do not care, we have an Olympic medal from London. Now the health concern is over, what’s going on, “she said.

In addition to a fracture of the underlying bone, she took another problem from the duel. “Two days ago, I wanted to fly to the US Open, but the doctors showed me my cettet and I still have my nose.I left my departure for America for a week, I can not underestimate, I should not train for three weeks. I’ll have two weeks to see you, for two months I can not sink or pick up heavy things. So I canceled the US Open at the US Open, but with Luck I would like to play doubles and Lukas Kubot mix, “she planned.

Czech tennis picked up one bronze in Rio de Janeiro but did not get it. Hlavacikova was next to Lukáš Rosol, the only member of the Czech tennis team who did not reach the medal. It was also her teammate from the doubles of Hradecka who won the bronze in a mix with Radek Štěpánek.

At the time when she was one foot in the final of the Olympic tournament, Hingis, which she had her friend to date, shot her right to the eye.Yet the Kosice native excused me with apologies and words of regret.

“I did not know anything, it hurt me. I did not see it for a while, then I saw twice…She was probably aiming at her body, but it fled her. If I had done it to somebody, I would definitely go to find out if there was any trouble. But from the people who were there, I know you did not worry too much. She wrote me the SMS last night, what the eye – I told her she had a big blow to my broken bones. She wrote that she hoped I would be back soon. But it was a lot of other girls who wrote to me how I was and what they were worried about. “

It was one of the strong stories of the Olympic Games, and it found a response elsewhere.

, I got my eye once too.Now it was a huge misfortune, but I think man wants to hit his opponent at that moment, not his face. I was rather surprised by Martina’s reaction – during a few-minute treatment, Andreas wondered if a doctor’s profession was required. It does not fit me with such a legend, “Czech tennis player Klára Koukalová laughed at the iDNES.cz Olympic studio.

Her Hradecka partner, who hinged Hingis on the fatal ball, did not count anything. “We and Luck never figure out anything. I’m rather sorry for not metering the mecbol, “she said.

Still, Hingis will not become her least favorite rival. “This is Russia Rodion.A confrontational girl who has trouble entering the camp until he leaves is still calling physiotherapists, “the winner of Roland Garros and the US Open in the doubles in 2011, respectively. 2013, each time with Lucie Hradecká.

She has not denied that she has a slightly different relationship with Hingis than at least half of other foreign tennis players. “I probably will not have the confidence in it, but I believe he will come to me at the US Open to ask how I have it. I will answer it, but it was not much. “