If the cameras did not show us Diego Costa on the Vanda Metropolitano

If the cameras did not show us Diego Costa on the Vanda Metropolitano, the fans of Chelsea would never have remembered him. What difference does it make who was earlier, if now the forwards of the club are at least as good as his individual and precisely better for the Italian system of Chelsea? Which refused only in the 40th minute in the penalty, but then twice broke the titanic barrier, “Atletico”, and hungry goalies did not miss their chances.

Alvaro Morato in England is usually compared with Fernando Torres – he just as easily moves across the width of the field, with the same Spanish passion controls the ball and even celebrates a goal in a similar manner – spreads his hands and puts his index fingers in the sides. But this is only externally. Morata in “Chelsea” scores already systematically. His career, unlike his compatriot, is not like the road in the legendary game “Gravity”. He is stable for a start, and then he is already passionate and in a sports sense quick-tempered. And Torres is known for scoring rarely, but brightly and in important matches.

So, rather, his prototype now is Misha Batshuyi, who is more like him in image. He rarely gets a chance, does not inspire seriousness and generally looks superfluous in this team. The hero of the twitter with the look of a carefree teen does not harmonize with the command of the monarch Antonio Conte, who will not tolerate liberalism. But when in the last attack the ball is at his feet, he, without thinking, sends it to the opponent’s grid and does the result. He already scored the championship goal after sitting all season on the bench, and now he came out and added two points against the competitor for the first place in the group. To make these episodes perfect, they need to add accompaniment to the legendary Dramatic story of the season! Then to you this is not the heir of Torres?

When the game needs a 94th minute winner call me #Batsman pic.twitter.com/b3kRxzfq9Y
– Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) September 27, 2017

On the effect on psychology, these three points are comparable to that goal in the semi-final against Barça. “Chelsea” and so would pass to the Champions League final on the sum of two meetings and the rule of an exit goal, but the second ball was followed by a crazy joy, and after it a heavy exhalation. It became easier, there was a certainty that the club is moving on.

With the victory over “Atletico” the same thing – the club needed a victory, like the popularity of Oleg Tinkov. They needed to remove doubts from their own status and show that they are not passengers in the Champions League, but serious participants with high class, iron character and serious intentions – namely, the first place in the group and the passage as far as possible into the playoffs. And that at the start to find peace and continue the game in the Champions League without nervousness, as at the start of the season in the Premier League. And for this it was necessary to leave the field at least not losing and, at least, with one goal scored and confident game, and not play the bus, as in 2015 at home (!) With PSG.

The same thing was needed and Antonio Conte in particular, who as a triumphant for the Champions League looks questionable, like a smartphone on Ali Express. His maximum in the main tournament in Europe is the quarter-finals. And he got there only once, all other attempts were remembered only by incidents. Even at the World Championships his Italy lost their nerves at the stage of one-fourth. And in this match he needed to show the strong moral preparation of the team for a specific meeting and tactical chips.