I’m terribly disappointed, coach Jarolim said after the draw

Coach Karel Jarolím is very disappointed that the Czech team has entered the world championship. He is aware that a teamless strike with Azerbaijan has made his team struggle a lot more complicated. At the same time, he is sorry that the team is not particularly successful at shooting. Still, he believes that this will break in the next match with Norway.

“I am terribly disappointed, and I carry it hard, we will do our utmost to get rid of it, everyone could help to catch up, “Jarolim told a press conference.

The Czechs started well with Azerbaijan and had chances, but they confirmed their shooting torment. Nor did they score in the third match.”I do not think the boys would like to be in. In some situations, we have prepared a promising chance.” Milan Škoda could have solved it differently, Skalákov shot the goalman caught well, the heads went along and was missing the luck, “Jarolím said.

The same problems were repeated as a month ago in a free-for-all draw with Northern Ireland. “In the two matches we played two invaders, but we went out of hand, we miss the passes, think something smart and dare one-on-one” named the major shortcomings. > “We have no choice but to believe we will break it. If I were to play in a club and be able to work with the players, it would be different.Here I have to believe that the players will perform high-quality performances in the club and then transfer it here. I would like the offensive players to shatter, “Jarolim said.

His team did not help even seven of the changes he made in the game after a Saturday’s loss of 0: 3 in Germany. we send fresh players there to get enough energy. Those players also spoke about their performances in cooperatives. We are in the stage of knowing and composing a new team. If we do not see the players in such matches, we can not say if they have that, “Jarolim said.

So far he does not want to write down the qualification and focus on the future, and he believes he will still grab it. i> “I do not like long-term views and doing an alibi. I do not know what will be in 14 days, let alone plan for something for the next years.We will do our best to get rid of it, “he added.