In American films about teenagers there is one beaten and primitive story line

Toothless predator. Why “Liverpool” – the most spineless club in the Champions League
Denis Markov – about why “Liverpool” lost to himself, and not “Spartacus” stood for a draw.

In American films about teenagers there is one beaten and primitive story line. The protagonist is a botanist with a lean physique and thick glasses. And all the time he is omitted by some kind of pumping-wit, who enjoys frenzied popularity in school (college) and publicly ridicules his victim.

At one point, the botanist is wildly pulling out, and he, psihanuv, gives a pumping in the face. But instead of smearing his eternal sacrifice, he falls and after sitting on the floor with a confused and humiliated face. He even begins to cry. And the botan speaks heroic speech against the background of a man who has offended him for many years. It’s as if this is not the one who inspired fear with one kind. So usually begins a new life of the hero, where he gets recognition from peers and finds confidence in himself.

Toothless predator. Why “Liverpool” – the most spineless club in the Champions League
Photo: Championship, Evening Standard, UA-Football

Each time you see such a scene, there are two questions to the writers: do not you have the imagination to think up something more original than the prototypes of Peter Parker and Flash Thompson, and do such cases and such characters as this roll if in life, if they are so popular in the cinema?

“Liverpool” in a match with “Spartacus” showed: these clowns really exist.

Mersisaydtsy before the match inspired fear of one of its status. Players of red and white even punished themselves for mistakes in previous matches and admitted that with such a game they would miss five from formidable Liverpool. It’s the same club from the most popular league in the world, who made a historical back-kick in Istanbul and brought up the men of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. They have the most rock-n-roll coach of the world, which made Borussia the champion of Germany and brought it to the Champions League final, and the first-class lineup – jet winger and unpredictable playmaker Filipe Coutinho.

Everyone was sure that after returning to the main European tournament the club clearly stands its status and will continue its historically successful performance here. A half-dead “Spartacus” with unacceptable physical training and nine at that time injured, he will tear as a predator piece of meat. This development of events was predicted by British experts and Russian fears.

But instead we saw the spectacle even more absurd than Klopp’s press conference in Moscow – the English club played the whole match on an equal footing with a wounded rival from the second-rate championship and took away only a draw (1: 1). Fans expected that the team was about to take the third gear and at the firm speed would blow the unfortunate rival more ruthlessly than Anji three days ago, but this was not. But there was a show of selective missed moments – the British beat past at the outputs, hit the goalkeeper and did not even realize a counterattack two in four. There were moments when “Spartacus”, with the poor control of the ball, took the game into its own hands, and even something came out of it.